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Published on June 20th, 2014 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC For Possible Sale


Here is a very rare and absolutely gorgeous 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC which has been thoroughly restored in the United Kingdom. This car was purchased 2 years ago in the UK and after 18 months of restoration work by various professionals in the UK it was shipped to Malaysia for an avid car collector.


A little bit of GTC car history. This GTC program was initiated in 1964. Conversion of the coupe to cabriolet was done by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, and involved strengthening the structure to retain rigidity after removal of the roof.


It was the last project carried out by Touring before the firm closed its doors in 1966. Just 1,000 units of this GTC cars were built from 1964 to 1966, most of them left-hand drive models. There were 99 right hand versions made for the English, Asian and African markets. Only a handful of right hand drive versions survive today and this is probably the best unit in the world and it is right here in Malaysia.


Alfa Romeo introduced a new range of small coupes based on the new Giulia saloon in 1963. The new Giulia coupes included a “normal” Sprint GT model as well as a more powerful Veloce version and a rare cabriolet, the GTC. All versions of the Giulia were styled for Alfa Romeo by Bertone.


Standard specification included all-round disc brakes and a powerful 106bhp 4-cylinder, dual overhead cam engine with 92bhp. In fine tune this car can reach 108mhp top speed. Production lasted until a revised range appeared in 1968.


So why we say possible sale. Well the owner has no reason to sell this car however if the right price is offered to him he might be ‘moved’ to ‘part’ with this very rare and spectacular sports cabriolet. You might be curious enough to enquire what would be a start point to the ‘right’ pricing for a rare car like this?


Well the car costs the owner to date a smidgen over 100,000 British Pounds. So, the bidding will start from here. For more information and an interest to make a bid please call 012-287-7477 and ask for Azmi who will be more than happy to take your bid.


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