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How To Get The Bubbles Out Of Car Window Tint

You buy a new car and in your negotiations with the car salesman he/she offers free window tint

he says high quality window tint worth RM1,300.00 for example.

In real value this window tint offered is probably worth less than RM200.00. This is class 1 game by car sales people and it also happens at many car window tint shops with unsuspecting, un-researched, uninformed car owners getting ‘played’ into thinking this is quality tint material.

Then a few weeks/months into your new car ownership your window tint starts to bubble up, especially the rear window.

Air and dirt on the surface of your car’s glass or downright cheap material might be the cause the tint on your vehicle to bubble up. What do you do?

Your car salesman who suggested the tint will not bother, the shop that sold you the tint won’t bother and now you have an ugly sight and bad rear vision. So we offer a possible solution.


It is a do-it-yourself solution.

While this causes no direct harm to your vehicle, it is unsightly and can be a dangerous distraction while driving. You can have a professional window tint applicator completely replace the tint on the affected window, or save yourself money by removing the bubbles using this DIY method.

  • Warm the tint on your vehicles windows by placing it in the sun or by using a hair dryer lightly over the bubbles.
  • Spray a small amount of water onto the surface of the window tint. Apply only enough water to lightly dampen the surface.
  • Use the tip of a small sewing needle to puncture a hole in each air bubble. Do not move the needle in any direction, as doing so may cause the tint to rip.
  • Hold a plastic credit card at a 45-degree angle, and gently work your way over the surface of the tint, starting at a position that is below any bubbles. Work your way over the bubbled areas slowly so you do not risk tearing the tint.
  • Dry the surface of the window with a lint-free cloth. Inspect the tint to ensure the bubbles are gone and that no tearing occurred.

You just saved yourself some money and got yourself some clearer vision at night.


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