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4th Gen Hyundai Tucson Rendered Without Camo by Avarvarii

We’ve seen reports that the 4th generation Hyundai Tucson was being road-tested in extremely heavy camouflage. Just like the new Sonata, Hyundai seem to be taking a very interesting direction in terms of design. Of course, this was just from the silhouette of the vehicle that’s being tested.

Well, today the Korean Car Blog and a few other websites have started to share rather professionally done renders of what the new Tucson might look like once the wraps get taken off. The Tucson was rendered by Avarvarii.

We’ve got to admit, this stark design departure makes the Tucson look just so much more futuristic and premium. It’s difficult to tell where the grille ends and the headlights begin in this render. Let’s hope the final product takes on this look.

We’ve seen comments indicating that this look is reminiscent of the Palisade, Hyundai’s largest-ever SUV. To us, it blends both the Palisade and new Sonata together really well, though that could be down to the render being based on design elements from those vehicles. Again, we have to stress that this render is not officially endorsed by Hyundai as far as we can tell.


This is an important car to me personally, as the 3rd Tucson is (as far as I can remember) the first car I’ve seen go through an entire life cycle change while working for I started working in early 2015 and got to drive it . It’s a car I’ve greatly admired and was critical of.

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