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Dsf.my is the most trusted source of unbiased test drive reviews, car news and the leading source of comprehensive auto industry news and technology including bikes, trucks, motoring tips from Malaysia and around the globe.

We started our journey with print publication in the year 2000. As time went by the world wide web took over the eyeballs that read our car reviews and latest car news. Readers no longer wanted to wait for their auto news fix and so the internet cured that craving 24/7.

In 2010 we started as a humble website providing daily automotive news feeds and weekly car reviews. Our following grew as we used our weekly weekend Car Review & News show on nationwide radio station, LiteFM to publicize us and also our relevant social media platforms.

In 2014 we expanded our reach to include motorcycles and watches as the journey in automotive brought everything 2 wheels and wrist jewelry into the mix.

In 2016 we further expanded by including new technology for hybrid, electric vehicles, vehicle battery power and the expansion of cabin connectivity in vehicles.

In 2017 we ended a 7-year stint with LiteFM and moved to a more progressive and fast-growing radio station, BFM and continued to share our automotive news, tips and car reviews on a weekly show, ‘Cruise Control’. This show has expanded our readership to a more mature and professional audience.

Now in 2019, we still continue to grow its following despite the many new ‘players’ coming into the market with ‘big funding’ partners as we maintain our quality content and up to date news and vehicle reviews that set us apart from the competition.

With a strong and dedicated editorial team, video team and photography team rowing the ship against the flow of ever popular information, we continue to stand high amongst its rivals and stay firm to its belief that ‘good content is still king’.

No.18, Jalan 5/33, Bukit Gasing
46000 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +6012 2243 447
Email: [email protected]

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