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Mercedes-AMG Subtley Teases Their Most Powerful Sedan Ever

In an end-of-the-year video on the official Mercedes-AMG Youtube channel gave us a glimpse at the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT 73. Traditionally, AMG’s numbering scheme sits between 43, 45, and 63. But in recent years, this has been expanded to include 53, 35 and now 73. If you’re confused by these numbers, don’t worry. They’re all relative and actually don’t mean anything in and of themselves. ’63’ cars don’t have 6.3-litre engines anymore.

But each of these numbers do tend to point to a certain engine or at least engine output for the model. 35 and 45 cars are the compact models with 4-cylinder engines in two different output levels. 43 cars have the V6 engines, 53 cars have 3-litre inline 6 Engines with an electrified element (ISG, 48V system), 63 cars tend to be 4-litre V8 engines. Forced induction is a feature on every one of these engines in one way or another.


Which brings us back to the AMG GT 73. It essentially marries the body of an AMG GT 4-Door Coupe with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the 4-litre V8 from the 63 model range. The combination of electric and petrol power will give the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 more than 800 horsepower to play around with, more than 170 additional hp over the currently most powerful production AMG, the GT 63S. Owners should invest in a lot of tyres. Watch the teaser yourself at the end of this video:

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