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Published on December 24th, 2019 | by Subhash Nair


[Update] Flux Just Made it Possible to Subscribe to Pick-up Trucks

Local car subscription platform Flux have quietly added their first pick-up truck to their “garage”. Yesterday, this silver coloured 2016 Mitsubishi Triton VGT was listed on the site, possibly becoming the first vehicle of its type that can be subscribed to in Malaysia.

Why is this significant?

Car subscription are for those who value predictable expenses and pure mobility over the traditional ownership experience. Given how much punishment pick-up trucks are put through in the course of their work lives, having the 0 maintenance and resale value headaches with maximum uptime is definitely another plus point for businesses. In addition, a subscription can categorised as an expense, as the asset isn’t owned by the subscriber itself. For tax purposes, this can be seen as an additional benefit for businesses.


How much does it cost?

The most affordable subscription package for the Triton starts at RM1573 (before the large refundable and small non-refundable deposits). That package runs for 3 years (36 months) and gives you a mileage cap of 1250km a month.

Driving over the stipulated mileage comes at a penalty of RM0.87 per kilometre. For an additional RM173, you can drive that truck around 2000km a month. To alleviate all mileage worries, add RM1,038 to the base subscription rate and get unlimited mileage.

Shorter tenures are available for the Triton at the following rates:

  • 24 months – RM1733/month
  • 12 months – RM2010/month
  • 1 month – RM2832/month

Update! [6pm, 17/12/19]

Will there be more pick-up trucks added? More Trucks Just got Added

Given how experimental Flux is, they’re probably going to test the waters with just one for now. But there is a possibility of this being expanded to a larger fleet with both single and double cab options, manual and automatic transmissions. Variety seems to be one of this platform’s strongest advantages.

It looks like Flux just added 12 other pick-up trucks to their roster. Click on whichever one you’re interested in learning about below:

  1. 2014 Ford Ranger 2.2 Manual
  2. 2015 Isuzu D-Max 2.5 Manual
  3. 2014 Toyota Hilux 2.5 Automatic
  4. 2014 Isuzu D-Max 2.5 Automatic
  5. 2015 Mazda BT-50 2.2 Automatic
  6. 2015 Toyota Hilux TRD 2.5 Automatic
  7. 2017 Isuzu D-Max 2.5 Automatic
  8. 2015 Isuzu D-Max 3.0 Automatic
  9. 2015 Ford Ranger 3.2 Automatic
  10. 2016 Toyota Hilux 2.8 Automatic
  11. 2014 Isuzu D-Max 2.5 Automatic
  12. 2015 Isuzu D-Max 3.0 Automatic

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