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Turkey Has Its Own National Car Now, Called TOGG

Yesterday, Turkish President Erdoğan officially introduced his country’s first car company, Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu (translates roughly to Turkey’s Automotive Enterprise Group) or TOGG. TOGG already has an early stage prototype C-segment battery electric SUV in the works.

While it’s still in development, TOGG say that this first product of theirs will feature a lot of best-in-class features (wheelbase, interior space, acceleration, lowest cost of ownership). Of course, without any experience making vehicles, these are extremely big promises to start off with.

Here are some of the promised features:

  • 300km or 500km range options
  • Single motor (200hp) RWD or dual motor (400hp) AWD
  • Rapid charging to 80% battery capacity in 30 minutes
  • 8 year battery warranty
  • Level 3 Autonomous Driving
  • 5 Star Euro NCAP safety rating
  • OTA updates

Here’s a gallery of photos of that first car, as well as the press release which covers most features and aspects of TOGG’s first car.



Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu (TOGG), established to make Turkey’s 60-year dream come true and become Turkey’s first global mobility brand by leading the transformation of Turkey’s automotive industry. TOGG unveiled its early stage prototype C-SUV and a concept Sedan at a public event held at IT Valley in Gebze, Turkey.
The C-SUV launch in 2022 will position TOGG as Europe’s first non-conventional battery electric SUV manufacturer. In addition to being a born-electric BEV with zero emission, the C-SUV is going to be a smart car with best-in-class features such as the longest wheelbase, the most spacious interior, the best acceleration performance and the lowest total cost of ownership.


Turkey’s automobile is being developed on a genuine, born-electric platform built by TOGG engineers and designers, with intellectual property rights 100% owned by Turkey.

As part of the design process; a total of 18 design houses from Turkey and abroad were assessed objectively in line with 6 different criteria set by TOGG. TOGG Design Team, including experienced Turkish designer Murat Günak, shortlisted 3 design houses with the highest scores. The short-listed design houses, which were briefed with insights from a comprehensive Turkish consumer survey, provided 2D design alternatives for the contest.

The design contest completed in 4 stages and lasted for 6 months. During this period, over 100 different themes were evaluated and further consumer insights were provided to the design houses as feedback. One exterior and one interior design from each short- listed house were tested with potential car buyers in Turkey. The results were also evaluated by the TOGG Design Team on engineering compatibility. After these stages, Italian design house Pininfarina, among the best in the world, was selected as a strategic partner and the 3D design phase kicked-off.


Driven by the Turkish consumer insights, joint work of the TOGG Design Team and Pininfarina converged into an authentic design language appealing to both Turkish and global taste.

Genuine and Modern Exterior Design

The distinctive and sharp lines shaping the C-SUV and concept Sedan models express the robust and powerful character of the automobiles, while forming the design DNA of the product range that is to expand in the coming years.

The distinctive character lines of the SUV; express a fluent continuity which gives Turkey’s automobile a genuine and modern look. The design and positioning of the headlights give the vehicle its penetrating looks, while the chrome details that shape the front grille underlines the prestigious appearance with its continuity along the side and rear design.

Inspired by Anatolian Culture

In addition to be shaped by Turkish consumers’ insights, the design is also inspired by Turkish culture. The tulip, which has strong roots in Anatolian culture, has become an inspiration figure. A stylish interpretation of tulip design is imprinted on the front grille and wheel rims, to give the car its signature look, while underlining the deep connection with Turkey’s rich cultural heritage.

Simplistic, Elegant & Technological Interior

The interior is welcoming with carefully selected stylish and high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. The wide digital infotainment display emphasizes the advanced technology the car. The user-centric display supports the conversion of the car into a smart living space by embracing all passengers as well as the driver.

The unique centre console stands out as one of the most important styling and functional feature of the interior. The form, which reminds an aircraft cockpit, also helps control the touch screen via ergonomics of the console, which houses gear and electronic parking brake functions. The user-centric design of the interface on the touch screen supports simplistic and minimalist design of the interior, reducing as much of the physical control switches as possible with the help of voice-command technology. Turkey’s automobile simply proves that high technology can be presented without complexity.

Spacious Living Space

Turkey’s automobile transforms into a new living space that will comfortably host a family of 5 thanks to its best-in-class wheelbase. With its high headroom in the cabin and the longest rear leg-room in its class, the spacious interior provides superior class comfort for the whole family during long journeys.


Three main pillars defining the all new, native electric modular platform that will provide the infrastructure for all models of the TOGG range are as follows:

  1. Genuine
    An all new, state-of-the-art, native electric and connected platform, completely developed by TOGG engineers, with intellectual property rights 100% owned by TOGG.
  2. Modular
    Modular in length and width to support all vehicle variants with max efficiency, comfort, durability and safety.
  3. Superior
    The infrastructure that maximizes the width, spaciousness and comfort of the living space in the car by offering the longest wheelbase in its class.


Low total cost of ownership, quiet, pleasant and a clean ride with zero emissions: these are the main advantages of a battery electric car over internal combustion engine cars.

Turkey’s automobile will be charged at homes, offices and charging stations en route thanks to the widespread charging infrastructure that will be ready by 2022. As driving a connected and smart car, users would plan and manage the charging with ease via connected services.

Range Over 500 Kilometres

Users will be able to choose from 2 different range alternatives offered by the high-energy Li-ion battery technology. Turkey’s automobile will offer 2 battery packs that provide 300+ km or 500+ km ranges and will allow the users to configure their cars by choosing the most suitable range based on their needs.

Rapid Charge Under 30 Minutes

Turkey’s automobile will reach 80% state of charge in a short time period of less than 30 minutes. Therefore, the car would be charged enough for the rest of the journey during a short coffee break on long routes.

8-Year Battery Warranty

Long lasting battery pack with state-of-the-art battery management and liquid thermal management systems offers 8 year warranty.

Economy and Environmental Awareness

Battery electric and connected cars having leaner systems compared to the internal combustion engine cars, will minimize the need for technical service/maintenance with the help of features such as over the air updates and preventive maintenance warning for drivers. In addition, the fuel cost per kilometre will be much lower compared to an internal combustion engine car, due to the lower energy requirement for the same distance.

Turkey’s automobile will have an important advantage in total cost of ownership considering the combination of these basic elements. At the same time, it will take its place among the most environmentally conscious cars with zero emission.

Unique Driving Dynamics

The electric motor (e-motor) technology will redefine driving standards with an experience beyond expectations. Two drive options are available, a rear-wheel drive (RWD) with a single e-motor offering 200 HP, or an all-wheel drive (AWD) system with the 2nd e-motor positioned on the front, offering a combined power of 400 HP. The all-wheel drive (AWD) system with two e-motors of high-efficiency on the front and rear axles will provide better road handling and performance in harsh weather and road conditions.

Independent MacPherson strut located on the front axle optimise comfort and performance; while the rear integral link independent suspension system offers sporty feeling and responsive ride with precise handling.

Unmatched Performance with 0-100 km/h Acceleration in 4.8 Seconds

Thrilling acceleration experience with both drive systems. The automobile will complete 0-100km/h acceleration in 7.6 seconds with its 200 HP RWD option and only in 4.8 seconds with 400 HP AWD option, delivering unmatched acceleration with zero emission and in silence.


Utmost safety thanks to the novel crash structure with battery pack bolted to body platform that improves the torsional rigidity by more than 30% and comprehensive passive and active safety measures including 7 standard air-bags and best-in-class braking with powerful front and rear ventilated disc brakes.

With all these safety elements and optimized structural design, Turkey’s automobile will be compatible with EuroNCAP 5-Star when it will be launched in 2022.

Driver Support Systems Updated on the Internet

The advanced driver assistance systems, including “Slow Traffic Pilot”, Turkey’s automobile will have “Level 2+” autonomous driving capability and will ease the burden on drivers, creating time for making use of the smart features within the car.

With its flexible architecture topology, Turkey’s Automobile will make a seamless transformation to “Level 3 and beyond” autonomous driving. The connected architecture of the car will enable over-the- air updates and the car would be continuously developed with the most advanced technology.


With smart technologies offered, Turkey’s automobile will become the third living space following homes and offices.

Thanks to its connected architecture Turkey’s automobile will permanently be connected to internet without any external device support. The automobile will be in communication with all smart devices, homes, buildings, infrastructure including the electricity grid and the whole smart city. The connected automobile will become an essential component of the mobility ecosystem. Following the advancement in 5G technology, new services that will add value to user’s life will arise within the ecosystem.


Turkey’s automobile will improve the user experience not only by being electric, connected and smart but also by demonstrating innovative and disruptive technologies.

A pioneer example of this disruptive approach is the “Holographic Assistant”. This innovative assistant will benefit from advanced eye tracking algorithms and holographic three-dimensional imaging technologies to provide a user experience far beyond the ordinary virtual display panel. “Holographic Assistant” technology will transform the in-car experience completely by replacing the 2-dimensional display technologies currently used in the cars with 3D imaging and augmented reality technologies.

Thanks to this technology, the driver will not only see the information on the vehicle’s display screen without taking his/her eye off the road, but also have access to all other information about the road and environment. With augmented reality and a 3D enhanced image, the driver will be able to use navigation and other driver assistance systems more easily and have a safer, more comfortable and interactive driving experience. TOGG aims to be the first company in the automotive industry to offer this unique driving experience to its users via this disruptive technology.

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