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Published on December 7th, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


The definition of a car enthusiast

This picture says it all. A true car lover will be under the hood when his baby calls.

In our line of work, we meet a lot of people who drive nice cars, really nice cars and then there are those who drive cars ‘only they themselves think is nice’. Well, who are we to judge. Still, we think it is time we explain what WE think defines a person as a real car enthusiast. A ‘car nut’. A ‘petrol-head’. A person with ‘petrol running in their veins’. A ‘gearhead’.

To start, we believe that we are a gearhead and this is why we have been doing this job for slightly more than twenty years and not having a single day regretting our choice.

So, to start let’s look at the few important points that a ‘nut’ for cars needs to have. Here below are 18 (eighteen) important initial points that should be developed if you are looking to carry the title of car enthusiast. 

  1. Been reading car magazines from an early age. Well more recently then reading
  2. A person who reads as many different car websites as possible and not trusting just one for source of automotive information.
  3. A person who at one time in their automotive life buys an old car, does not need to be a classic, can be any old car, even an old Proton Wira and spends time going from workshop to workshop getting the car to the level they will be satisfied with.
  4. A person who visits car junkyards looking for used parts.
  5. A person who learns a little about his car and who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.
  6. A person who washes his car himself, using the right number of cloths for the various parts of the car.
  7. A person who has bought some….does not have to be many…tools for his car.
  8. A person who has a set of proper (not the supermarket or hypermarket) set of jumper cables. Purchased at a spare parts shop.
  9. A person who takes the trouble to check his lubricant levels occasionally.  
  10. A person who has had lunch or dinner more than three times with his trusted mechanic.
  11. A person who has a trusted tow truck drivers number in his cell phone.
  12. A person who has his trusted mechanics number in his cellphone.
  13. A person who always turns back and looks at his parked car at least once before going away.
  14. A person who has told the story about his car restoration at least to three different people other than his girlfriend or wife and kids.
  15. A person who believes that his car needs a name.
  16. A person who will not knowingly allow anyone to lean on his car.
  17. A person who will not easily allow a good friend to drive his car. There will always be hesitation in allowing another driver to take control.
  18. Finally, anyone with money can own a fleet of great cars or buy a great custom classic or modern classic, that only means you have money and you want to join a rather exclusive club with members who had cuts on the hands from rummaging in junkyards, blisters from hand polishing their car and many low cost meals from saving to buy parts. Do not kid yourself into thinking you are a real car enthusiast. 

Take Note. Our club is very exclusive, its free to join and you cannot advertise your membership. You have to earn it like the rest of us.  

This person above can also be a SHE as we have met a few women car owners that fill the role much better than most self proclaimed male car enthusiast and they are all very feminine and quite attractive we have to add.

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