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What to Consider Before Buying Car Insurance

When driving in Malaysia, these three things are a must: valid driving license, a road tax and car insurance. After all, you need an enforced car insurance in order to get a road tax.

While buying car insurance is not exactly an uphill task, there are things that need to be considered before you make your decision.

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Types of coverage
It is always recommended that you choose a comprehensive cover which will provide the most complete protection (usually offers coverage for death or bodily injuries; damages to other parties’ properties; accidental or fire damages to your car and theft of your car). Opt for a Third Party coverage (for third party claims) if you have an older car. If you own a vintage classic that you only drive on weekends, you could opt for a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy.

Always pick Agreed Value
In a partially de-tariffed environment, your car’s insurance premium could be determined by age, location and of course the market value of the car. When selecting the market value of your car, always pick Agreed Value. This ensures that you do not underinsure or over-insure your car which can be disadvantageous to the policyholder and save you a lot of hassle should you need to make a claim.

What is a Special Peril?
It is always better to be safe than sorry. Just because you do not live in an area that is flood-prone, it does not mean that a flood will not happen. The weather can turn in an instant, so it is wise to protect yourself against floods, landslides and storms. Allianz General offers Special Perils for 0.25 percent of your sum insured. Besides that, you should also consider adding windshield cover to your policy.

There’s added services?
At the point of purchase, you may overlook this. After all, your focus is
getting the insurance and road tax, right? How about a free-of-charge motor accident assistance? The Allianz Road Rangers offered by Allianz General is available to all its Motor Comprehensive policyholders nationwide. Its six touchpoints range from tow trucks to vehicle delivery. Besides that, also consider roadside accident cover such as Allianz General’s Enhanced Road Warrior.

Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad Head of Claims Damian Williams said: “Having sufficient insurance coverage is very much like having an automatic double canopy umbrella when it rains. More often than not, you are probably stuck with a raincoat and with it a 50 percent chance of getting drenched.”

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