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Honda Jazz Flips Over In Front of Batu Caves

Around 7pm yesterday, we received photos of this accident involving a Honda Jazz near Batu Caves. We’re not sure exactly what happened but the grey Honda Jazz was found turn turtled near a junction. It looks like a grey Proton Waja and a white Toyota Unser may have also been involved.

Some have suggested that the driver had Police were quick on the scene.

Here’s the information we received with the photos:

Honda Jazz accident in front of batu caves shell. Driver overshoot from the corner of Shell station.
Friday, 7:10 pm. 3/1/2020


In case you did not know this. Despite constant reminders to drive slow in public roads, many still drive on public roads at high speed as they watch Youtube videos showing trained drivers tackling the ‘Ulu Yam’ stretch with great speed in showroom cars.

A car is at it’s most stable, with the exception of when it is stationary, when it is travelling in a straight line at a constant speed. The forces acting on the tyres are therefore constant and equal.

There is no side “G”, or acceleration/deceleration “G” to upset the balance of the car. Under these conditions the tyres have maximum grip. The closer the car can be kept to this balance under cornering, the quicker it will be able to take the bend.

The art of driving faster than the next driver is essentially dictated by the law of physics. Once you reach the level of maximum grip for the particular tyre on a particular road surface, that is the fastest you can go.

The maximum level of grip for a tyre can be dramatically reduced if the car is unbalanced by the driver. Too much power from the driven wheels for instance will take grip away from the tyre. Too much steering lock will also take grip away from the tyre.

Please drive to the limit of your abilities and not from what you see on Youtube. Be safe on public roads please.

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