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Benz and AMG E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet Models Facelifted

Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG have just revealed the facelifted E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet models. This follows the update that came to the E-Class sedan earlier this year. To be perfectly clear, 4 cars have been facelifted, and none of them have been locally-assembled in Malaysia before, but they’ve all got CBU variants here in some form.

  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet
  • Mercedes-AMG E-Class Coupé
  • Mercedes-AMG E-Class Cabriolet

E-Class Coupé & Cabriolet Mild Hybrid Petrol Variants

From Mercedes-Benz


  • 2.0L Inline 4 turbo + EQ Boost
  • 9G Tronic (4MATIC optional)
  • Output: 197hp, 320Nm + (14hp, 150Nm EQ Boost)
  • 0-100km/h: 7.6-7.7 seconds
  • Top Speed: 231-237km/h


  • 2.0L Inline 4 turbo + EQ Boost
  • 9G Tronic
  • Output: 258hp, 370Nm + (14hp, 150Nm EQ Boost)
  • 0-100km/h: 6.4 seconds
  • Top Speed: 250km/h


  • 3.0L Inline 6 turbo + EQ Boost
  • 9G Tronic + 4MATIC
  • Output: 367hp, 500Nm + (22hp, 250Nm EQ Boost)
  • 0-100km/h: 5.0 seconds
  • Top Speed: 250km/h

From Mercedes-AMG

E 53 4MATIC+ (no change)

  • 3.0L Inline 6 turbo + electric compressor + EQ Boost
  • Output: 435hp, 520Nm + (22hp, 250Nm EQ Boost)
  • 0-100km/h: 4.4 seconds
  • Top Speed: 250km/h (270km/h with optional AMG Driver’s Package)

Other new additions include:

  • A new look incorporating cues from the E-Class sedan facelift
  • LED headlights as standard
  • MBUX infotainment with Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • New touchpad infotainment controller with capacitive buttons on steering wheel
  • Wireless charging
  • AR navigation system
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Active Parking Assist
  • 360 camera
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Heads Up Display

The AMG models bring

  • Sport Plus Driving mode
  • AMG Ride Control Plus
  • Panamericana grille
  • new 19″ and 20″ wheels
  • Two new colours, Brilliant Blue Magno and Graphite Grey Metallic
  • MB-Tex Faux Leather Seats with red stitching option

Here’s the press release if you want to learn more.


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet are the most emotionally appealing representatives of the luxury-class family of models. The latest measures to boost their attractiveness make these two dream cars even more desirable. The styling has been sportily honed with the front sections, in particular, being given a fresh look. The all-LED headlamps have been given flatter housings, while the interior of the LED tail lights has been reworked. At the same time the two-door models take on the key upgrade features of the other body variants as part of the facelift. These include electrified, and therefore more efficient, petrol as well as diesel engines with integrated starter-alternator, the next generation of driving assistance systems and the infotainment system MBUX infotainment system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). The E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet will be making their debut with sales partners in Europe in autumn 2020.

The emotive appeal of the two dream cars has been further reinforced by the model upgrade. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet with the classic fabric top offers spaciousness and comfort on long journeys for up to four people. And does so all year round: as an option, the Cabriolet can be fitted with the AIRCAP electric draught-stop system and AIRSCARF neck-level heating. Unrestricted usability all year round is similarly ensured by the acoustic soft top, a standard feature that helps to optimise the level of noise experienced in the interior. Its multi-layered structure with sophisticated insulation also ensures a comfortable environment, whatever the season, and reduces wind and driving noise. The occupants are therefore able to enjoy relaxed conversation in the vehicle, even at higher speeds. With its expressive coupé-esque proportions, clear and sensual design and comfort for four people, the new E-Class Coupé combines the beauty and classic virtues of a grand tourer with state-of-the-art technology.

Refined styling: diamond radiator grille with “A-shape” design

The design modifications undertaken, particularly to the front sections of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet, bring added refinement. The more dynamic impression comes courtesy of flatter headlamps which, even in the entry-level models, feature all-LED technology. The inner workings of these LED High Performance headlamps are quite exceptional. Among the hallmark Mercedes-Benz design features are the torch-flame effect and two unlit pins. With the optionally available MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, the latter are lit.

The “A-shape” design of the new diamond radiator grille, which is likewise standard on all versions, adds a particularly dynamic touch. The grille also features chrome-plated dots, a single louvre and the Mercedes star in the centre.

A new highlight of the muscular rear section is the completely redesigned inner workings of the two-piece tail lights, featuring LED technology. The star module with integrated reversing camera is inset into the boot lid.

The four paint colours newly available for the E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet as part of the facelift go by the names high-tech silver, graphite grey metallic, mojave silver and patagonia red (designo). The wheel line-up has also been expanded and now includes aero wheels, as they are called, the special design features of which help contribute to saving fuel and thus to sustainability.

As was already previously the case, the interiors of the Coupé and Cabriolet combine contemporary style with sporty luxury. The essential lines of the interior are clearly defined. The upper section of the dashboard appears to hover; it rests on generously proportioned trim elements that flow through into the doors. The exceptionally high-quality materials selected, together with the quality of craftsmanship employed, serve to emphasise the car’s sporty, stylish character and exude outstandingly high-class appeal. New-look trim options – open-pore grey ash wood and aluminium with light carbon-fibre grain – serve to enhance the interior.

The seats combine hallmark Mercedes-Benz practicality over long distances with avant-garde styling to meet expectations in terms of comfort, but at the same time provide excellent support in dynamic driving situations. The adaptive driver’s seat adjustment is a particularly intelligent feature: when the height of the body is entered on the media display or via Mercedes me, the seat automatically moves into a position generally suitable for someone of that height, which then only needs to be fine-tuned by the driver.

The integral-look sports seats feature prominent side bolsters and integrated head restraints. The seat contour follows the pronounced side bolsters and, depending on the specification, the centre section has sporty transverse or modern longitudinal seams. The colours of the centre sections of the seat backrest and cushion are coordinated with the overall sculpture of the seats. Numerous material combinations ranging from fabric to ARTICO man-made leather, embossed leather, nappa leather with diamond quilting and even sun-reflecting leather (for the Cabriolet) are all possible.

Next-generation driving assistance systems: better assistance in tailbacks and when parking

The new E-Class has the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz driving assistance systems providing cooperative support to drivers. This results in an especially high level of active safety: the Coupé and Cabriolet are able to react quickly and intelligently if the driver is unable to do so. The hands-off detection feature of the steering wheel now works on a capacitive basis, thereby enhancing user-friendliness when driving in semi-automated mode. That’s because to inform the assistance systems that the driver still has control of the E-Class, it is sufficient for the driver to hold the steering wheel. Steering torque – that is to say a slight steering movement – was previously required as feedback in order for this to happen. The new steering wheel (see next chapter for details) features a pad with the appropriate sensors in the rim. These register whether the driver is holding the wheel. If the system detects that the driver does not have their hands on the steering wheel for a certain time, a warning cascade is started, which finally activates Emergency Brake Assist if the driver continues to be inactive.

As standard, the E-Class comes with Active Brake Assist, which in many situations is able to use autonomous braking to prevent a collision or mitigate its severity. The system is also able to brake for stationary vehicles and crossing pedestrians at typical city speeds and even to prevent collisions, depending on the situation. As part of the Driving Assistance Package, this is now also possible when turning off across the oncoming lane. A range of further Intelligent Drive functions can optionally be added to the Driving Assistance Package.

Even more comfort in the interior: a new generation of steering wheels, plus MBUX

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is fitted with an entirely new, intelligent steering wheel as part of the facelift. This is available as a leather steering wheel and in a super sports variant. The control surfaces sport a high-gloss black finish, while the trim elements and surrounds have a silver shadow finish. The functions of the instrument cluster and media display are operated using touch controls, the physical principle of which has been changed from optical to capacitive.

The new E-Class is equipped with the latest generation of the MBUX multimedia system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). As standard, it includes two large 10.25-inch/26 cm screens arranged side by side for a sublime widescreen look. Two 12.3 inch/31.2 cm screens are optionally available. The information in the instrument cluster and on the media display is easily legible on the high-resolution screens. An emotive presentation with brilliant graphics underlines the comprehensibility of the intuitive control structure.

ENERGIZING comfort control networks various comfort systems in the vehicle, and uses musical and lighting moods plus a number of massage modes to meet a wide range of individual requirements with respect to the occupants’ wellbeing. New to the E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet is the ENERGIZING COACH. This function is based on an intelligent algorithm and recommends one or other of the programmes depending on the situation and the individual concerned. If a Garmin® wearable is integrated, personal values such as stress level or quality of sleep optimise the accuracy of the recommendation. The aim is to ensure the driver feels well and relaxed even during demanding or monotonous journeys.

URBAN GUARD: intelligent interlinking of hardware and digital solutions for protection against crime

In conjunction with Mercedes me, the two packages URBAN GUARD Vehicle Protection and URBAN GUARD Vehicle Protection Plus enable all-round monitoring of the parked vehicle. URBAN GUARD comprises an anti-theft alarm system, tow-away protection with visual and audible warning in the case of a detected change in position, an alarm siren, interior monitoring (triggers in the case of movements in the interior) as well as a preinstallation for theft and parking collision detection. In the case of the latter, the vehicle sensors register when the parked and locked vehicle is bumped or towed – or when someone attempts to break into the vehicle. If the service is active, the driver receives detailed information via the Mercedes me App. By means of push notification, he finds out, for example, how severe and in which area of the vehicle the parking damage is. As soon as the vehicle is restarted, this information is also shown once on the media display.

In addition, URBAN GUARD Vehicle Protection Plus offers a function for pinpointing the position of stolen vehicles. In the case of theft, this also makes it possible to recover the vehicle even if the thief has deactivated the vehicle tracking function. This takes place in cooperation with police.

E as in efficiency: electrification of the powertrain is extended

The electrification of the powertrain takes another major step forward with the facelift of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The new two-door models also see the top version of the four-cylinder diesel engine (OM 654 M), rated at 195 kW, fitted for the first time with an integrated starter-alternator (ISG). It therefore has a 48-volt on-board partial electrical system. A recuperation function and the ability to “glide” with the engine switched off make the engine even more efficient.

Ongoing development work means that the integrated starter-alternator used here is a second-generation unit that is now part of the transmission (rather than of the engine). This means that it can be more easily combined with different engines. The extra boost that is available right from the first turn of the engine, known as EQ Boost, can deliver as much as 15 kW and 180 Nm, thus ensuring that the driving enjoyment offered by both of the sporty two-door models is even more pronounced.

The 48-volt technology with ISG is also a feature of the in-line six-cylinder petrol engine (M 256), now available for the first time in the E-Class. As with the Saloon, Estate and All-Terrain models, this unit has now been added to the engine line-up for the two-door models. A unit that is already familiar from the CLS, S-Class and GLE, its electrical boost of up to 16 kW and as much as 250 Nm reinforces the sporty character of both the Coupé and the Cabriolet. The standard combination with the all-wheel drive system 4MATIC further accentuates the dynamism of these two models. The systematic electrification of the engine is a major factor in the exceptional efficiency of the powertrain and evidence of the company’s forward-looking drive system strategy.

New technical features for the OM 654: on the way to becoming the most powerful four-cylinder diesel

Fundamental further technical development is envisaged for the OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine introduced in 2016. Leading the way among the measures aimed at further improving efficiency is the new OM 654 M with integrated starter-alternator. Along with electrification, which also includes the use of an electric refrigerant compressor for the air-conditioning system, the following are the most important modifications that allow an output of up to 195 kW plus an additional 15 kW from the EQ Boost system:

  • A new crankshaft increases the stroke to 94 mm and the displacement to 1993 cc (previously: 92.3 and 1950)
  • The injection pressure is increased to 2700 bar (previously: 2500)
  • Particularly fast response times and steady power delivery thanks to two water-cooled turbochargers, both featuring variable turbine geometry
  • A sodium-filled cooling duct in each of the steel pistons. This helps to dissipate temperature peaks in the piston recess.
  • Electric refrigerant compressor

In terms of exhaust gas aftertreatment, this most powerful of the four-cylinder diesel engines also takes things a step further. Its components include

  • a close-coupled NOx storage catalytic converter for reducing the nitrogen oxides
  • a DPF (diesel particulate filter with special coating for reducing the amount of nitrogen oxides)
  • an SCR catalyst (selective catalytic reduction; with metered injected quantity of AdBlue®) as well as
  • an additional SCR catalyst in the underbody of the vehicle with separately metered injected quantity of AdBlue®

The 9G-TRONIC transmission has also been further developed to accommodate the second-generation ISG and is being used, in a first step, with the four-cylinder ISG engine. The electric motor, the power electronics and the transmission cooler have now moved into or onto the transmission. Previously required cables can be eliminated, which offers advantages with regard to installation space and weight. This makes it easy to combine the transmission with the different combustion engines. In addition, the efficiency of the transmission has been increased. Amongst other things, the optimised interplay with the electric auxiliary oil pump reduces the delivery rate of the mechanical pump by 30 percent. A new generation of the fully integrated transmission control with multi-core processor and new construction and joining technology is also used here. In addition to the increased computing power, the number of electric interfaces has been drastically reduced, and the weight of the transmission control has been cut by 30 percent.

The line-up of diesel engines is completed by the in-line six-cylinder unit (OM 656), which is also available for the two-door models in conjunction with the all-wheel drive system 4MATIC.

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