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Published on May 8th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


True Test Of The Reliable Car During Lockdown

How reliable has your car been during lockdown? Share with us for the rest to know the truth.

This lockdown has shown many Malaysian car owners who have been bowled over by creative advertorials and wonderfully crafted YouTube videos over the last few years on the ‘great’ new car. 

The ‘fantastic’ features that are presented. The ‘wonderful’ handling that can be felt and best of all, the ‘world class engineering’ that has been provided in the ‘car’ in question.


Malaysians, who are already paying high prices for new cars, due to import taxes and middle man costs that are incurred in every new car sold for decades are quick to spend their hard earned money on these new cars and are fuelled by the need to have the latest technology, needed or not, to be used or not in these new cars.

smart phone

Like every new Smartphone launched, the insatiable appetite for multiple camera’s and super high definition video functions, supersedes the phone’s basic functions. Just like with new cars in recent years with too much technology included that are now showing their true ‘colours’.

What do we mean? Simple, during this recent lockdown, global lockdown, new car owners around the globe and also Malaysia have come to realize the many issues that are cropping up in their high technology machines which have been sitting idle in the garage. 

This we have seen from the many daily postings on facebook by car owners asking help from the many facebook car enthusiasts on what to do as franchises service centers and workshops are unable to take in their troubled cars for a quick diagnosis.

Meanwhile, a pattern can be seen with simple, functional, well built modern cars that are not having their dashboards lighting up like a Christmas tree or having bleeps and buzzers sounding when the ignition button is depressed. For some, even the ignition button does not want to return the favour of working for its owner. 

So, for Malaysians and the global car buying population, if you are looking to buy a new car after lockdown, or a slightly used car after lockdown, check with the many well run facebook car owner’s pages, almost all brands seem to have an owners facebook page and they are members ready to share the good and the bad of their vehicles with you.

The sugar coating is never good and remember the call for ‘kurang manis’ in your coffee and tea and also your car reviews to get the best value for your hard earned money in coming months.

The less time spent at the workshop the more time spent earning money.

You can contact us at anytime, online and we will privately advice you what you should and should not buy, new and used. No sugar added! Private message us for a piece of mind for FREE. 

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