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UMW Toyota Releases Uplifting Raya Videos for the Season!

This year’s Raya celebration was a quiet one for many of our Muslim brothers. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Movement Control Order and the huge economic slowdown have really dampened the mood for this usually festive season.

That doesn’t mean that the meaning behind the season is lost. In fact, UMW Toyota Motor have released a slew of videos to help tell the 2020 Raya story.

BHPetrol Kaya Raya Contest April to may 2020

The first one shows how everyday Malaysians are dealing with the ongoing situation.

The 2nd one also tries to find meaning behind the celebration, but uses professional actors and scripted scenes.

And lastly, we have a sing-along with all of your favourite Toyota Gazoo Racing celebrities from the Promotional Category.

Here’s the press release with more.


Hari Raya Aidilfitri is here again but for this year, the celebrations will be somewhat different due to the continuation of the Movement Control Order (MCO).  

“Drawing on Toyota’s own past experiences of difficult and challenging times, I believe that the human spirit is resilient and we will come out stronger.  In the short term, things may be tough but at the end, there will be greater strength and confidence from having endured the challenges,” said Akio Takeyama, Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor. 

UMW Toyota Motor understands that many will be disappointed that they are unable to celebrate together with their loved ones in their hometowns. To lift the spirits of Malaysians, the company has prepared three videos, each with its own unique approach and theme, which was shared on its various social media channels. 

In the first video posted on 6 May 2020, Malaysians were invited by the company to submit captures of themselves, observing Ramadan in their own way, while adhering to the MCO requirements to stay at home. These homemade videos were then strung together into a more complete film depicting real life scenarios and experiences of Ramadan being observed under the unique circumstances. 

For the Raya videos, there are two different themes. The first, posted on 21 May 2020, shows a family coming to terms with the current situation, and accepting that it is a necessary sacrifice to make. For the second Raya video, which was shared on 25 May 2020, Toyota GAZOO Racing’s celebrity racers sing a Raya classic, Senandung Hari Raya Untukmu, to add sparkle to the celebratory mood, even while observing the MCO. 

The first Raya video was produced by working with a real family who actually shot the scenes themselves. The father operated the camera and lighting with the family members as the talent, and their house as the main location. Adhering to the MCO Standard Operating Procedures, production of all three videos had minimal crew present and even the director gave guidance via video calls. Social distancing was observed during filming with the exception of the family scenes since they depicted people living in the same house. 

“The ultimate message of the videos is to stay strong and to continue our journey in the face of hardship. Similarly, Toyota is staying resilient by adapting to the current situation. With its e-showroom, virtual test drives, augmented reality app, and more, Toyota is making sure the public can still get its products and services while caring for the public’s safety,” said Ravindran K. President of UMW Toyota Motor. 

“We realise this year’s festival will be different and while many are unable to be together, we hope that Malaysians will still be able to celebrate in a meaningful way at home. On behalf of UMW Toyota Motor, we wish all our Toyota owners, customers and business associates Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!” he said. 

“To all Malaysians, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and may you find peace and happiness.”

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