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This Turkish-Italian Team Has Formula E and Supercar Plans

Scuderia-E, a Turkish-Italian racing team looking to join Formula E by 2022 have shown interest in producing an all-electric supercar too. The German-headquartered company known as Elektron have named their first road legal car the Elektron One, a bit like how Polestar is naming their vehicles.

The Elektron One will derive its technologies from the team’s involvement in Formula E. They plan to produce the vehicle in small batches in Italy. The company singled out Tesla and Rimac as competitors. From Tesla, Elektron’s product would go up against the upcoming 2nd generation Tesla Roadster and from Rimac, comes the C_Two.

The Elektron One is currently in its prototype stage, which the company hopes to show the public by the time the 100th Geneva Motor Show comes along in 2021, if it comes at all. It will have a total power output of 1341hp, through 4 electric motors, one on each wheel. A carbon-aramid-biofibre chassis with battery cells embedded within was described.

The company plans to starts production with just 140 units per year. In 3 years, this number will be ramped up to 500 units annually with additional variants such as a convertible version and a track-focused version will come later on.

As for the price, the company wants to keep it within the 330-350 thousand EUR price bracket before tax.

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Here’s the press release with more.


Elektron One is an electric supercar that will be produced in Italy with a Turkish heart, and it wants to be a pioneer in its field. The fact that Elektron’s team is also active in the Italian-Turkish Formula E team also gives clues about the technological superiorities in the car.

A life full of passion for cars is about to make a dream come true. Elektron One is planned to be produced in the Motor Valley in Italy, becoming neighbours to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Maserati. This car can be the electric supercar that many have been expecting for a long time.

Usually the best stories are stories that suddenly come to the spotlight after humble beginnings. We had an example of Elon Musk, who created Tesla from nothing, and even Rimac, which quickly became one of the major automotive companies. Still, the electric supercars of these two companies seem to have to deal with Elektron One, a new and a very ambitious player.

The project is initiated by the businessman Armağan Arabul, who is an Electrical and Electronical Engineer graduated from the University of Bath/UK, and it transformed the automobile and motorcycle passion that Arabul has had since childhood into an ambitious mission. Arabul started the project in Ankara within a family company, with the idea of ​​creating an extremely-high-performance, state-of-the-art electric supersports car with the touch of innovative technologies. About 2 years later in 2017, Arabul had to leave his company to make his dream come true and direct his full-time concentration to this project for success. Thus, he established Elektron Innovativ GmbH in Germany for an exclusive and high quality production that will start with 140 units per year. In 3 years, it is planned to increase the production numbers to over 500. In addition, the company’s mid-term plans include a spider, a track-oriented version and a hypercar that it will develop in 5 years.

The supersports car, which is currently in the prototype stage, will be introduced for the first time at the 100th Geneva Motor Show in 2021 (If the event takes place) and will have a total power of 1 MW (1341 HP). This power to be produced by electric motors will be transferred to the road by a four-wheel drive system. As well as a push-rod suspension system, the car will have an innovative composite monocoque chassis consisting of carbon, aramid and biofiber components and within which the battery cells are embedded. During the development of the vehicle, ideas and skills were exchanged with Imecar and its owner Mark Lander in Antalya, and solutions were created in fine details. Imecar is a well-known company in the fields of electric motors, batteries and software, and will cooperate with Elektron Innovativ in the production of Elektron One.

Today, the industry closely follows that, together with Armağan Arabul, Gianfranco Pizzuto, Mark Lander and Massimiliano Zocchi have initiated Scuderia-E, the first Italian-Turkish Formula E team in the world. Armağan Arabul and Elektron Innovativ are included in the project in order to improve the competitiveness and production ability of the team, while also supplying technical support.

Arabul, whom Gianfranco Pizzuto persuaded to move to Italy, have started preparations to move the production of Elektron One to the Italian Motor Valley in parallel with the Formula E project and establish the company headquarters under the same roof with Scuderia-E.

During the development of Elektron One Armagan Arabul has not only led, but he has also been a major part of the design and engineering of the car. On the other hand Arabul has participated in Go-kart, Volkicar-V1 races and many track days for nearly 20 years. Therefore in addition to his high technical expertise; as a racing pilot, he took part not only as a spectator but also as a contender in motorsports. Looking at the technical details of the car, it is possible to see the signals that Arabul transferred the experiences he gained in the racing world to the project, while developing Elektron One.

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