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Proton Prices Drop by as 1.17% to 5.7%, X70 Now Below RM90K

Proton have just announced that their vehicles would also be coming down in price across the board until the end of 2020. This is in line with the government’s PENJANA plan which effectively grants sales tax exemption on locally-assembled cars. All of Proton’s vehicles are locally-assembled, but the company has stated that they were rumoured to have absorbed SST on some models as they had when it was first reintroduced in late 2018.

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There still might be some truth to that rumour, as the reduction is slightly lower, percentage-wise, than it is for Perodua’s. Most budget models, like the Saga, Iriz and Persona have only received about 1.5% price reduction. The Exora, which has a monopoly over the C-segment MPV space for locally-assembled vehicles has a 2.99% price decrease while the X70, which has a huge price advantage over non-national C-segment SUVs has the largest price reduction. The X70 now starts at RM89,900 with the highest spec model coming in at RM115,800.

Here are new prices for the rest of 2020:


VariantNew PricePrice Difference
1.3 Standard MTRM32,400-RM400 (-1.22%)
1.3 Standard ATRM35,300-RM500 (-1.40%)
1.3 Premium ATRM39,300-RM500 (-1.26%)


VariantNew PricePrice Difference
1.6 Standard MTRM36,200-RM500 (-1.36%)
1.6 Standard CVTRM39,200-RM500 (-1.26%)
1.6 Executive CVTRM44,100-RM600 (-1.34%)
1.6 Executive CVTRM46,000-RM700 (-1.5%)
1.6 Premium CVTRM49,900-RM800 (-1.58%)


VariantNew PricePrice Difference
1.6 Standard MTRM42,100-RM500 (-1.17%)
1.6 Standard CVTRM44,000-RM600 (-1.35%)
1.6 Executive CVTRM48,900-RM700 (-1.41%)
1.6 Premium CVTRM53,700-RM900 (-1.65%)


VariantNew PricePrice Difference
1.8 TGDI Standard 2WDRM89,900-RM4,900 (-5.17%)
1.8 TGDI Executive 2WDRM101,000-RM5,800 (-5.43%)
1.8 TGDI Premium 2WDRM113,100-RM6,700 (-5.59%)
1.8 TGDI Premium X 2WDRM115,800-RM7,000 (-5.70%)


VariantNew PricePrice Difference
1.6 Executive CVTRM57,300-RM2,500 (-4.18%)
1.6 Premium CVTRM64,800-RM2,000 (-2.99%)

Here’s the press release with more.

Press Release

Following the government’s recent announcement of zero sales tax for cars sold in Malaysia for a six month period beginning 15 June 2020, PROTON will reduce its car prices by 1.2% – 5.7%. These prices will be effective for the duration of the incentive period, a measure designed to boost the economy as the country emerges from its COVID-19 induced lockdown.

The Company is deploying several strategies to spur growth in sales while keeping in mind buyer sentiment will err on the side of caution for the rest of 2020. These include deploying strict social distancing and disinfection measures at its showrooms and service centres while promoting the use of online bookings for contactless transactions.

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