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Interstate Travel is Back On, Don’t Forget the Basics

We have now exited the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period and entered the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) period. During the RMCO, many travel restrictions will be lifted, including the ban on interstate travel, which was temporarily lifted in early May. This means that Malaysians will be legally allowed to cross state borders without applying for permission from a police station or from the Gerak Malaysia app. The only caveat being the restriction of movement to and from areas under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO).

That in mind, many of readers are probably thinking of travelling. Some will do so out of necessity, while others will have leisure in mind. Whatever your reasons, it’s legal to do so, so go ahead. I too, shall be travelling back to Kuala Lumpur from Johor Bahru at the end of the week. I used GoCar for my journey to Johor Bahru in early May. You can read about my experience here. This time around, I shall be using rival service SOCAR. Stay tuned for my report on that!

PLUS highway toll

In the mean time, if you’re looking to travel, here are some tips.

  • Check if your intended destination is under Enhanced Movement Control Order. I’ve yet to find a site that keeps a reliable, updated list of locations under EMCO, so you will have to manually search on Google for the latest information.
  • Make sure your car’s in good shape. Check tyres (both pressure and condition), check fluid levels (engine, brake, coolant), wiper blades (replace them or clean them if necessary) and drive your car around town before your interstate journey.
  • Keep hand sanitiser in your car. We know using soap for 20 seconds can be more effective, but if you’re filling up your tyres or fuel tanks, you will be touching things that other people touch. Be sure to clean your hands with sanitiser right after.
  • Reload your Touch & Go card before setting off on your journey. You don’t want to put this off to the last minute. Consider using an ATM, Self Service Kiosk, or the TnG app to reload your card as this will reduce human-to-human contact.
  • Practice mindful and courteous driving. Some sections of the highway will be uncluttered due to the severed drop in economic activity while other sections may be at a standstill due to accidents or surges in the volume of vehicles. In either case, be extra careful. Loads of people are driving again for the first time in months. Other cars on the road may be way past their service date, other drivers may be speeding on open stretches of the highway.
  • Fill up before and after your journey and take advantage of low petrol prices and deals. BHPetrol, for instance has a Kaya Raya contest ongoing until the 20th of June 2020. The Grand Prize is RM100,000 with 200,000 ePoints, and all it takes is RM30 of fuel for an entry.
BHPetrol Kaya Raya Contest April to may 2020

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