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Toyota Hilux Gets Rugged Facelift, Brings Advanced Safety

Toyota Motor Thailand have just announced big changes to the Hilux line with its facelift model. The Hilux was given a full model change back in 2016 and four years on, with competition tougher than ever, it gets a mid life cycle refresh.

Here are some of the highlights of the high spec Hilux Revo model in Thailand, which will most likely be used as a base for the high spec CKD Hilux in Malaysia. A new Revo Rocco spec also arrives.


  • Newly designed Bi-Beam LED Headlights with Daytime Running Light
  • LED Light Guiding Taillights
  • Redesigned touchscreen
  • Redesigned instrument cluster


  • The suspension has been largely enhanced and advanced.
  • Heightened shock absorption capability
  • Similar to riding on a luxury SUV
  • Best-in-class rigidity and payload capability


  • Enhancements are made to the 2.8-liter engine, giving a maximum of 204 PS, with 500 Nm during 1,600 – 2,800 rpm

For Off-Road Enthusiast

  • Idling has been reduced from 850 rpm to 680 rpm to increase traction
  • Wheel position is shown on the TFT screen
  • Parking sensors are also installed at the rear and all four corners of the truck for surrounding detection
  • Fuel efficiency is significantly improved in both the 2.8-liter and 2.4-liter variants for excellent fuel economy
  • VFC (Variable Flow Control) power steering automatically adjusts steering wheel stiffness upon the speed of the truck, which helps reduce driver’s stress


  • New 8-inch touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay
  • T-Connect


Toyota Safety Sense

  • Pre-Collision System
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • Lane Departure Alert
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On the Hilux Revo Rocco model, special accessories are available:

  • Sport Bar
  • Alloy wheels with white letter tires
  • Unique front grille and front bumpers
  • Unique Interior lighting

Here’s the press release with more on the facelifted Hilux.


The new Toyota Hilux Revo responds to various needs addressed by customers from diverse walks of life. To completely appeal to all our customer targets, we have carefully devised the communications direction to promote the launch of the new Toyota Hilux Revo to ensure that it seamlessly reflects the product image and our 4 customer groups.   

– Toyota Hilux Revo B-Cab is suitable for customers who are looking for a pickup truck that mainly offers high payload capacity, for instance logistics business, farmers who usually need to carry agricultural produce in large quantities. So far, the achievement of Toyota Hilux Revo B-Cab remains particularly evident as proven by its highest market share in this segment. This standard variant has been thoroughly designed to serve the needs for high carrying capacity with a maximum output of 204 PS and exceptional fuel efficiency, as well as strikingly solid suspension that makes it possible for the truck to carry heavy payload. All these outstanding qualities make Toyota Hilux Revo B-Cab the ultimate vehicle that fulfils the needs of business clients in all aspects with a wide variety of product offerings that cover all types of usage, including the 2WD, 4WD and Cab & Chassis that can be further catered to suit customers’ specific needs, for example installing dry container, refrigerated container, or cage. More importantly, with our comprehensive financial services, customers can be sure that all their needs will be completely fulfilled through our One Stop Service. 

Furthermore, we install the T-Connect innovative network connection equipment, along with Fleet Telematics Service, which is the holistic vehicle and transportation management system, in the Hilux Revo B-Cab to enable greater efficiency and performance of the transportation business operations in terms of time management, as well as cost and quality control. In addition, we provide customers with Full Service Lease, a holistic leasing service that helps ease customers’ anxiety about financial liquidity in this period of challenging economic situation so that they can focus on operating business without worries. 

– Toyota Hilux Revo Z-Edition is a lowered pickup truck that offers a wide variety of mobility usage. With its great versatility, Toyota Hilux Revo Z-Edition is perfectly suitable for daily commute, or facilitating different business operations, freight forwarding services, retail and wholesale businesses.  So far, with a large group of new generations wanting to own the first car, Toyota have created a new phenomenon with the introduction of “Toyota Hilux Revo Z-Edition” which demonstrates strikingly appealing design language, along with exciting “Racing Mania” activities to further amplify the impact of the Z-Edition by gathering modified car enthusiasts to share their insights and ideas in the event. Furthermore, to reemphasize the success and leadership of this market segment, the new Toyota Hilux Revo comes with the newly developed exterior design that is ever more stunning and eye-catching in every single detail.  For customers who aspire to differentiate themselves and stand out, they can simply modify the car to suit their preference at leading car modification shops. In terms of performance, the Hilux Revo Z-Edition comes with the 2.4-liter GD Super Power engine that contributes to greater fuel efficiency. It is also fully equipped with a complete selection of in-car entertainment equipment functions that can be conveniently controlled through the touchscreen which is compatible with Apple CarPlay. The Hilux Revo Z-Edition is available in both manual transmission and automatic transmission variants.

Moreover, in order to build the New Buying Experience, we have showcased a range of modified Hilux Revo Z-Edition in dealers’ showrooms to be the source of inspiration for customers to create their own ideas and versions of modification that suit their preferences and personalities. We also offer various car modification packages and provide One Stop Service for all modified car lovers. More importantly, we make it easier for customers to own Toyota Hilux Revo Z-Edition with the Connected Auto Loan or CAL, as well as Sabuy 😀 service that provides a groundbreaking leasing offer with not only an 18% lower rate of installments compared to normal leasing schemes, but also the car maintenance service package of the first 23,000 kilometers, as well as resale price guarantee and Theft Track System which makes it possible for the owner to always keep track of the car and ensure that the car is safe from being stolen.  

– Toyota Hilux Revo Prerunner is unquestionably the highly popular pickup truck among Thai people as it can satisfy customer needs with great versatility and comfort similar to what one can experience from passenger cars. With the unbeatable combination of attractive design, great visibility, world-class suspension and safety, and a full list of comfort functions, Toyota Hilux Revo Prerunner has enjoyed considerable success in terms of sales and customer preference regardless of gender and professions, for example government officials and general public. This time, the new Toyota Hilux Prerunner has been further developed in all aspects. The exterior has been largely redesigned to express immense strength as well as cutting-edge look and feel. The freshly crafted headlamps are not only brighter, but also absolutely more stunning to all eyes. Besides, the new GD Super Power ensures enormous driving performance and superior fuel economy. The newly developed “Super Flex Suspension” enables smooth driving experience as if we are on a passenger car. Plus, the Hilux Revo Prerunner is equipped with Variable Flow Control power steering that automatically adjusts steering wheel stiffness upon the speed of the truck, which helps reduce driver’s stress and fatigue for long distance driving. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system is also installed for the mid to high variants. 

For customers who love modifying cars, Toyota offers a wide selection of Toyota Genuine Accessories (TGA) which are redesigned to better serve the needs of customers. Moreover, we present another alternative for customers to enjoy Toyota car ownership through “KINTO” the new online car rental service for individual customers to go for a long-term Toyota car rental. KINTO offers full-scale online services, ranging from reservation, to credit approval, all of which serve the needs of car usage in a modern-day lifestyle.    Customers can select the model, color, and period of car use as they prefer. This option is another way to help ease customers’ worries about financial matters and changing car price when it is resold as a pre-owned car. Furthermore, Toyota presents the new insurance scheme Toyota Care Pay How You Drive (PHYD) which allows customers to save more. Up to 45% discounts on renewal premiums will be given to customers if the analysis of their driving behavior data shows that they are responsible and safe drivers. Toyota also offers maintenance service at Toyota Service Centers for up to 8 years. 

– Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco and 4WD are suitable for customers who basically drive in the city, focus on the car’s attractiveness, enjoy hobbies and leisure activities, and love exciting adventures. Therefore, these customers want to own a car that offers high driving performance, exceptional comfort, and advanced safety technologies. Currently, the Hilux Revo 4WD and Rocco are substantially popular among pickup truck enthusiasts, reemphasizing the recognition as “King of Off-Road”. The new models of Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco and 4WD undergo several new design improvements in the interior and on the exterior, specifically in the new Hilux Revo Rocco, in order to demonstrate a greater sense of sophistication, strength, robustness, and perfection. The improvements are meant to completely align with the genuine image of the Hilux Revo Rocco and to better serve the needs of customers who desire sheer perfection in all aspects. In addition, the driving performance are significantly enhanced with the 2nd Generation of “GD Super Power”, giving a maximum output of 204 PS, with a flat torque of 500 Nm. The performance of the 4WD is also further enhanced to work in conjunction with Super Flex Suspension, leading to better grip and smoother ride, while enhancing stronger driving performance during adventurous journeys and giving ever simpler experience of driving uphill and downhill.  

This is also the first time that the world-class Toyota Safety Sense is integrated in Toyota pickup trucks in Thailand in order to bring utmost confidence to both drivers and passengers in all journeys. In a bid to enhance the new car ownership experience, the application of T-Connect by Toyota is provided for customers to track their car delivery status simply through mobile phone. Besides, we offer our customers peace of mind through Theft Track System, Trip Report, Find My Car, as well as Concierge Services that will always be there to support customers all the time in all journeys. Toyota Tube is also available to show customers how to use different functions of the car. It is available in a VDO format that can be watched through mobile phones.  

        In this regard, the new Toyota Hilux Revo will be delivered to customers starting June 2020 onwards. 

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