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Proton Launches Pre-Owned Car Business With Listing Website

Proton have entered the ‘certified pre-owned’ business today with a new website. They’re calling it “Proton Certified Pre-Owned” and it promises a few kew advantages over shopping for used Protons on other platforms/ from visiting traditional used car lots.

Among them:

  • Every car listed goes through a 201-point inspection
  • Every car listed is less than 7 years old/ has less than 130,000km clocked
  • Every car listed is guaranteed not to have any flood or major accident damage
  • Every car listed gets a new battery, fresh engine oil and an oil filter
  • Every car gets a one-year warranty for the engine and transmission
  • Ability to browse through current stocks from 36 Proton dealers nationwide
  • Full details shared on vehicle equipment and condition with photos of each vehicle from multiple angles
  • Quick trade-in quotation and facility with dealer
  • 1 free service, redeemable up to six-months after the date of registration

Of course, with any in-house used car programme, the objective is to ultimately raise the used value of the brand’s vehicles as well as to give dealers a channel to dispose of cars that are taken in during trade-ins. Other used car dealers and external warranty providers can give you very similar deals externally.

Visit the site here and check it out yourself. There doesn’t seem to be an online payment system setup, instead you’ll get a link to the whatsapp contact number of a salesman who can arrange for a viewing in person.

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Here’s the press release with more.


PROTON officially launched its used car website today, offering a convenient way to shop for used cars. The Proton Certified Pre-Owned (PCPO) website allows customers to browse through current stocks available at 36 dealers nationwide as well as quickly trade-in their existing car for great deals on a brand new Proton model.

Trading used cars to boost new car sales

As PROTON’s sales grew in 2019, it became apparent that processing customer trade-in cars efficiently was key to maintaining the growth rate. To facilitate this, PROTON established a Used Car Management (UCM) division, which was tasked to grow a network of dealers to sell used cars alongside new ones.

From an initial pilot project comprising just eight Proton outlets, there are now 36 that feature the PCPO programme. All of them needed to meet several qualifying criteria, both financial and physical, and agree to perform the necessary steps to prepare their trade-in stock for sale. For instance, each car undergoes a comprehensive 201-point inspection and is given a new battery, fresh engine oil and an oil filter too.

Other requirements for PCPO cars include being less than seven years old with less than 130,000km covered at the time of trade-in. They must also not have any flood or major accident damage that may affect their structural integrity.

PROTON will also sell cars from other brands that have been traded-in via its PCPO website. In this instance, the vehicles do not receive an extended warranty from the company but will still be thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary prior to being put up for sale.

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