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Published on February 2nd, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


BRABUS B45 Takes The Mercedes-AMG A45 To New Heights

The most powerful 4-cylinder gets even more power thanks to BRABUS.

When it comes to tuning Benz vehicles, few candidates are as technically adept as AMG, which is why Daimler made the decision to integrate them into the company years ago. However, they’re not the only ones with decades of experience – BRABUS is a close second and there are advantages to working outside the confines of a large automotive outfit. Their latest endeavour, the BRABUS B45 is a prime example of that.

Arguably, ‘B45’ isn’t a great name, but then again it’s also unlikely that AMG will make a performance-tuned variant of the B-Class.

Brabus B45 450

The B45 is based on the A45 S 4MATIC+ — the most powerful compact car produced by Mercedes-AMG. It quite literally already had the most powerful 4-cylinder engine in production, and yet BRABUS were able to push that figure up a little more.

BHP diesel

In the A45 S, the M139 2-litre outputs 416hp and 500Nm of torque. In the B45, you get 450 hp and 550Nm of torque! This has the direct effect of decreasing the time it takes for it to complete the century sprint from 3.9 seconds down to 3.7 seconds. Its top speed is still electronically-limited to 270km/h.

To achieve these numbers, BRABUS remapped the engine, installed a proprietary ‘PowerXtra‘ CPC auxiliary control unit, a ‘BoostXtra‘ adapter and a special duct for the airbox. To help cope with the additional power, the B45 gets wider 255/40 ZR 20 Continental tyres. They also gave the car height-adjustable sport springs, which can reduce the car’s height by 3 cm.

Aesthetically, the BRABUS B45 is distinguished by the usual badging by the company, but it also gets a set of custom made Monoblock Z 8.5JX20 wheels in black. They will also take custom orders for the interior in virtually any colour. Aluminium pedals and velour floor mats are also optional to customers.

BRABUS also offer a three-year or 100,000-kilometre warranty, which is pretty good considering how small a company they are and how far they’ve pushed this engine.


BRABUS has been developing and building high-performance supercars for more than 40 years and transforming vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand into stylish unique vehicles – made in Germany. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the globe and an owner-led company to this day.

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