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Perodua Ativa Turbo Engine Needs 1 Minute Cool Down

Whether or not it is necessary to leave the engine idling before turning it off, this method could prove to be useful in the long run

The launch of the Perodua Ativa marks the first time the national automaker has a turbocharged vehicle in its lineup. Along with the dual-mode CVT (D-CVT), which is also a first for the company, the forced induction motor represents a major step up from all the naturally aspirated engines Perodua has been offering since the first day it was open for business.

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So, it goes without saying that the Ativa requires some extra care and attention to ensure the engine remains in its optimum operating conditions for as long as possible. According to the owner’s manual, at least, the best way to protect the engine after ‘high speed driving’ or ‘driving uphill’ is by letting it idle for one minute before switching the ignition off.

The manual claims that this could prevent damage to the turbo unit. However, the automaker says that the approach is unnecessary if the engine is turned off by the eco Idle auto start-stop system.

Those unfamiliar with a turbocharged car might be asking the purpose of this procedure. To put it simply, letting the engine idle for a moment allows the engine oil to continue circulating and eventually cool down the turbocharger. Shutting off the engine while it is still hot could result in the oil being trapped within the turbo bearings, leaving traces of harmful sludge.

However, in most driving situations, the engine is hardly ever pushed to the absolute limit where the turbocharger overheats. Even if it does get to the point where the manifold glows with red heat (say, after a spirited drive up to Genting Highlands), a short period of low-speed driving should be enough to bring the temperature back down to normal.

With that in mind, it is perhaps fair to say that Perodua’s recommendation to leave the engine in idle for a minute is redundant at best, a waste of fuel at worst. Not to mention the harmful chemicals and gases released into the air, which is the last thing our environment needs.

But since it is already it the owner’s manual, and we highly doubt Perodua would include it just for the sake of it, we reckon it wouldn’t hurt to follow the procedure once in a while. You might even minimise wear and tear and save yourself from future headache.

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