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Toyota Left Easter Eggs On The Corolla Cross To Find

The Toyota Corolla Cross has been launched in Malaysia. During our drive, we found a number of easter eggs hidden just out of sight!

The Toyota Corolla Cross is a funky, new crossover SUV from the largest automaker in the world. While the car itself is really impressively engineered, it seems like they had fun developing this new nameplate. When the Corolla Cross was first shown in Thailand, it had a very distinct side profile. There were body lines built upon the design language established in the RAV4, but they had evolved and been made unique on the Corolla Cross.

While we were shooting our Sights & Sounds video of the Corolla Cross during the media drive, we noticed the words “Corolla Cross” stamped on the D pillar and in the headlights. This isn’t too strange. It’s almost an industry standard at this point for the name of the car to be displayed in odd places.

However, we also noticed something else… There was a side profile outline of the Corolla Cross etched/printed on the rear quarter window glass.

Corolla Cross Easter Egg on 3rd quarter glass

Do you see it? It’s etched/printed in there along with the manufacturer information. The outline of the Corolla Cross’ side profile is fairly distinctive. I’m happy Toyota didn’t try to include it in the marketing material and instead allowed for it to be subtle-y discovered by enthusiasts and journalists like myself! They could have easily come up with the suggestion that the ‘C’-shaped wheel arches in the front and rear spelt out ‘Corolla Cross’, but they didn’t.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Anyway, as I continued to explore the Corolla Cross, I came acCross a few more of these outlines. They were like little ‘Easter Eggs’ waiting to be found, not even mentioned in the press material at all. I can’t seem to find any other websites that have covered this, which means DSF.MY is officially the first automotive outfit to discover this! Can’t wait to tell my great-grandchildren about this!

Here’s where I found these outlines.

Corolla Cross easter egg in engine bay
  1. In the engine bay, between the fuse box and the front wipers. Corolla Cross outline in the plastic with the words “Corolla Cross” accompanying.
Corolla Cross Easter Egg on Grille

2. In the bottom corner of the front grille. A section of the grille is blanked out, and one of the openings has this outline moulded.

Corolla Cross Easter Egg in boot

3. This one is found on the upper section of the rear bumper. A plastic cladding that protects the bumper from getting scratched when loading luggage in.

Corolla Cross Easter Egg on power boot button

4. The last one we found was on the tailgate, right between the power tailgate button and the registration plate light. This entire part, though body coloured, is plastic, so it is probably moulded and not stamped.

Let us know if you find any more of these!

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