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Published on April 20th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Genesis Calls Their Electrified G80 the “Genesis Electrified G80”

At Auto Shanghai 2021, Korean luxury marque Genesis showed off the Electrified G80. And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury division, Genesis, have unveiled their first ever electric vehicle. It’s essentially an electrified version of their G80, and so that’s what they’re calling it – the Electrified G80.

Genesis Electrified G80 Charging

The Electrified G80 is capable of 272kW and 700Nm of torque thanks to 2 motors, one at each axle. 0-100km/h is dispatched in about 5 seconds. NEDC testing methodology puts its electric range at about 500km with 350kW rapid charging allowing the battery to go from 10% to 80% in just 22 minutes. The battery can also reverse its charge to power household appliances.

While all models will feature the dual motor, all-wheel drive system as standard, they also come with a Disconnector Actuator System (DAS). DAS will automatically disconnect the electric motor from its drive shaft based on how the car is being driven. This allows for an increase in efficiency and less loss in power.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Other features on the Electrified G80 include:

  • Active Noise Control-Road
  • Preview Electronic Control Suspension
  • A solar roof
  • Exclusive Matira Blue (exterior) and Dark Green Two-tone (interior) colours
  • leather with natural dye on seats, console and rear seat armrests
  • eco-friendly ‘forged wood’ garnish
  • environmentally friendly fabric made from recycled PET

Here’s the press release with more.


Today, global luxury automotive brand Genesis officially introduced its first electric vehicle, the electric model of the G80 (hereafter, Electrified G80) to the global market at the 2021 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (hereafter, Auto Shanghai 2021), which took place at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. The occasion marked Genesis’ first appearance at Auto Shanghai.

Genesis’ First EV Model

The Electrified G80 is Genesis’ first EV model, presenting a new standard for luxury electric sedans. It builds on the heritage of the G80 with its perfect balance of Athletic Elegance, while also offering customers much more value with its electric powertrain.

The Electrified G80 represents the perfect balance of Athletic Elegance, offering a luxurious and sophisticated driving atmosphere.

Based on the NEDC standard, the estimated maximum range per charge is more than 500km. (Based on the Korean EV certification system, the estimated number is 427 km[1]) while 350kW rapid charging enables the battery to charge from 10% to 80% in just 22 minutes.

The Electrified G80 is available only as an AWD (All-Wheel Drive). It delivers powerful performance with 272kW and 700Nm torque, by applying motors with 136kW and 350Nm at maximum to the front and rear wheels. This allows for dynamic driving, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph just in 4.9 seconds. (sports mode, result from Genesis R&D Center)

The Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) can also automatically connect or disconnect the motor and drive shaft based on various driving conditions, including vehicle speed and driving mode, enabling seamless switching between 2WD and AWD to reduce unnecessary power loss and increase efficiency.

The Electrified G80 features a 400V/800V multi rapid charging system, allowing customers to use various charging infrastructures. Its driving motor and inverter can boost the level of voltage from 400V to 800V – a more optimized level for the system – for more stable charging. Customers can not only use the 800V rapid charging system without an additional converter, but a 400V charger as well.

The Electrified G80 also provides V2L (Vehicle to Load) feature that enables customers to use electric power of 3.6kW, which is higher than the level used by an average household, making it possible to use electric appliances conveniently outside of the vehicle.

In order to ensure a comfortable driving experience, Genesis equipped the vehicle with ANC-R (Active Noise Control-Road; formerly known as RANC). It reduces the level of noise significantly by measuring and analyzing road noises with four sensors and six microphones inside the vehicle, and by simultaneously creating sounds at opposite phase. The Preview Electronic Control Suspension (Pre-view ECS), suspension which can be controlled by information supplied through the front camera and navigation system, also helps to create the optimum driving experience.

The design inherits the G80’s design character – ‘Athletic Elegance’ and ‘Beauty of White Space’ for the exterior and interior, as well we various elements that differentiate high-end EV sedans.

The Genesis signature Crest Grille evolves into an aerodynamic crest featuring an inverted G-Matrix pattern that emphasizes the G80 EV’s mission for sustainability. The charging door is located in the grille’s upper right corner, and is invisible when closed. Inside the charging door, Two Lines chrome design has also been applied, highlighting its design identity and consistency.

The Electrified G80 also features various latest technologies that emphasize sustainability. The solar roof integrated in the roofline can generate electricity using sunlight with a solar panel that increases energy efficiency.

The vehicle also features various natural and recycled materials in its interior, including leather that utilizes natural dye in the seats, console and rear seat armrests. In addition, an eco-friendly ‘forged wood’ garnish for electric vehicles, which is made from recycled pieces of wood from the furniture manufacturing process, as well as environmentally friendly fabric made from recycled PET have also been applied.

Genesis will provide exclusive color options for the Electrified G80, including the Matira Blue (exterior) and the Dark Green Two-tone (interior).

Electrification is one of the key strategies for Genesis as it aims to design and provide new experiences for customers with its luxury EV models. Genesis initiates its electrification with its Electrified G80 model and will continue to drive innovation in this area with additional EV models to come.

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