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This 911-Based Gunther Werks GW-993 Belongs To Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan spends some cash on this restomodded GW-993 – a Porsche 911 by Gunther Werks.

Podcast host Joe Rogan has recently acquired a ‘money-no-object’ Porsche 911 conversion by Gunther Werks. The car in question is a 1/25 restomod of the of the 993 chassis, the last air-cooled model in the 911 family.

Gunther Werks GW-993_side

Gunther Werks itself is a company set up in Huntington Beach, California with the sole purpose of create 25 of these vehicles from donor 993-era Porsche 911s. They’ve called these vehicles the GW-993.

Gunther Werks GW-993_front

The restomod that is carried out is quite tasteful. Under the hood is a 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated flat six motor. This engine was developed by Rothsport in Oregon.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

They’ve fitted it with Mahle pistons, a twin-spark Motec Engine management system, coil over plug ignition, and individual throttle bodies. What’s more, the crankshaft, rods and barrels are all billet parts.

Joe Rogan's GW-993 Porsche 911 Restomod - rear exterior

This engine produces 431 horsepower and 423Nm of torque and sends taht power to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual. This gearbox is the original Getrag G50, but with bespoke ratios, an upgraded shift linkage, a single mass mid-weight flywheel, a new differential with carbon clutches and an uprated single-plate clutch for better refinement.

Gunther Werks GW-993_engine

All of the GW-993s use carbon fibre bodies to cut down on weight. Joe Rogan’s in particular is finished in a deep black paint job. Deep dish 18″ Fuchs-style rims are also finished in black.

The contrasting elements include twin racing stripes on the bonnet and ducktail spoiler in grey with red borders as well as a large red finished X-brace over the engine cover. There’s also “PORSCHE” script in red across the side and on the boot. Just below the X-brace is a little badge stating the car was built for Joe Rogan.

Gunther Werks GW-993_nameplate

The headlights of the GW-993 feature Bi-LED projectors as well as LED daytime running lights in an aluminium, carbon fibre and aerospace grade glass housing. The rear taillight now also features an LED lighting strip.

Inside, Rogan has gone for a blend of black and red for his interior. exposed carbon fibre is seen on the bucket seats, floor panel and more. There’s also a lot of Alcantara and leather inside.

Joe Rogan also has a little custom alien logo on the side sill of the door.

Gunther Werks GW-993_logo

A GW 993 is at least US$565,000 per unit, but customisations will probably push that number up. Not a bad way to spend one’s Spotify money, I’d say!

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