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Ford Just Trademarked “Skyline” In The USA

Ford snags the Skyline trademark in the USA before Nissan.

Most car enthusiasts are aware of the Nissan Skyline even if the vehicle was never officially exported to their country. The motorsport-focused Skyline GT-R models helped to solidify Nissan’s heritage amongst enthusiasts and collectors. Today, rare examples of the Nissan GT-R R35 have been listed at absurd prices, up in the millions of Ringgits in some instances. Well, we’re not here to talk about all that. Instead we’re going to discuss something else: the FORD Skyline.

There isn’t a Ford Skyline. Yet. But there could be soon based on what just happened.

Earlier this month, the Ford Motor Company decided to give Nissan a bit of a headache by trademarking the “Skyline” name in the United States. The Nissan Skyline has been sold in the United States, however it’s branded and packaged as the Infiniti G35. The Skyline name itself has not been used there.

Nissan Skyline Sedan In Japan

Why did Ford Trademark Skyline?

Part of the reason why Nissan Skyline GT-R models are now trading at historically high numbers is because it’s becoming legal for the cars to be exported to the US market now. So, with the influx of new Skylines coming into the US, Ford is probably looking at how they can capitalize on this.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Now, I’ll admit, I can’t figure out a way for them to do this, but I think trademarking the name is a great first step. It creates a little bit of excitement around the possibilities that MIGHT happen. It gets people on the internet speculating about what Ford might do. Making this first move is a free idea generator for Ford, as they can rely on the brain power and creativity of billions of internet users to come up with business ideas of their own.

Nissan R32 GT-R N1 for sale

Otherwise they could just use it for something lame like a trim level or to call one of their future vehicles a Skyline and risk angering a lot of Nissan fans.

Is the Skyline even a thing anymore?

Well, yes. For now. Last month, another thing that happened was Nikkei Asia reported that Nissan would be discontinuing the production of sedans there (a bit like how Ford declared it would stop selling sedans in the US).

This would have spelt the end of the Skyline nameplate, which had been around since the time of the Prince Motor Company. Nissan spokespeople responded rather swiftly, saying that the company would never give up on Skyline and that the report was not completely accurate.

We think this report also may have prompted Ford to pay attention to the possibilities.

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