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Broker Crashes Nissan Skyline GT-T 1 Hour After Collecting It

Not everyone can resist the temptation to show off a Skyline.

Those who call themselves petrolheads know that it takes more than just skills and experience to tame a high-powered rear-wheel drive vehicle. Patience is also paramount when one is behind the wheel of an RWD car, as otherwise he will be mashing the throttle while exiting out a corner at every opportunity.

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9 out of 10 times, he might be able to pull the stunt successfully, leaving admiring road users and passers-by in awe but on an unlucky day, he might find himself right in the middle of an embarrassing crash that catches nationwide attention.

We don’t know the full story yet but carelessness could be one of the few things that might have caused this accident in Johor Bahru involving an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-T, which has been making the rounds on social media since yesterday (10 July 2021).

According to various sources, this revered Japanese sports car met its demise just 1 hour after being sold. It is believed that the car was driven by a so-called middleman or broker, whom we assume was on his way to meet the new owner when the crash happened. As you can see, the impact of being ploughed into a tree has caused significant damage to the front end of the GT-T.

Pictures of this accident confirm that the chassis is damaged beyond repair, which points to the fact that the car must have been driven at some speed before the driver lost control. Judging by the white powder residue, it is safe to assume that the damage was so severe that the car caught fire. This leaves any restoration work out of the question.

As for the driver, apart from bruised ego and the shame he has to endure, he is believed to have escaped the crash unscathed. Hopefully, this whole event will serve as a valuable lesson to him (and others) on the importance of safe driving, especially when you are on a public road and the car is not yours.

The word on the street is that the owner forked out RM165,000 cash for the GT-T. Assuming the car had an insurance that includes coverage for total loss, the broker will still have to pay a handsome amount of money to the owner as we don’t think the insured value is even half the total amount paid for the car.

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