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Published on July 9th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Volkswagen Golf R Estate Unveiled With 320PS

This or a Volvo V60 Estate for your garage?

We Malaysians have stopped buying sports wagons and even station wagons for years. Yes, sure, there are many of you will say that the Volvo V90 is a handsome wagon and the all new Volvo V60 sports wagon looks like a winner and the Subaru Levorg sports wagon is great value. 

However, when it comes to sales numbers, the Volvo V90 which was priced from RM393k sold in very small numbers as showroom visitors preferred to buy a XC60 or XC90 SUV. 

Today, Volvo Cars showrooms nationwide do not even carry a wagon in their fleet and all the German and French car manufacturers also do not have wagons for sale in Malaysia. 

This is why this smart looking Volkswagen Golf R Estate will NOT arrive in Malaysia unless some private importer decides to test the market and bring a unit or two in. 

Volkswagen Golf R Estate_dashboard

Coming soon after the launch of the all new VW Golf R, this estate (also called a sports wagon or station wagon) combines high performance with the flexibility offered by a large luggage compartment volume. With an output of 320PS this new Golf R Estate is the most powerful and dynamic of all Golf estate models. 

More performance, more longitudinal and lateral acceleration, more innovations, more space and more emotional impact make this car better than ever. The all-wheel drive 4MOTION with R Performance torque vectoring, which comes as standard, is supplied with a maximum torque of 420 Nm by the 2.0 TSI. 

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

A fast 7-speed dual clutch gearbox is responsible for power transmission. This family friendly Volkswagen Golf R Estate accelerates to 100km/h from standstill in just 4.9 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h. 

If this power delivery is not enough for you and you have some extra cash lying around, then this Golf R Estate can also be ordered with the R Performance Package, which increases the top speed to 270km/h. The R Performance Package also includes 19-inch wheels instead of the standard 18-inch versions and the additional driving profiles Special (Nürburgring mode) and Drift (for power slides).

PRESS RELEASE: Like the compact Golf R, the Golf R Estate features the newly developed all-wheel drive system with selective wheel torque control on the rear axle. Here, a new rear final drive distributes the drive power not just between the front and rear axles as needed, but also between the rear wheels. 

This significantly increases the agility of the Volkswagen Golf R Estate, particularly when cornering. The all-wheel drive is also networked via the Vehicle Dynamics Manager (VDM) with other running gear systems such as the electronic differential locks (XDS) and adaptive chassis control DCC. The result: optimum traction characteristics, neutral handling with the utmost level of precision, exceptional agility. Maximum driving pleasure.

Like the Golf R, the Golf R Estate was fine-tuned on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. If ordered with the optional R Performance Package, the performance estate car comes with its own driving profiles, Special and Drift. In the profile Special, the main drive system parameters are configured for the Nordschleife and other similarly demanding courses – including for the first time the 4MOTION all-wheel drive with R Performance torque vectoring. Away from public roads, the driving profile Drift opens up a whole new level of driving dynamics and makes drifting much safer and more fun.

Spacious vehicle interior

The Golf R Estate may be exceptionally sporty, but it also retains all the characteristics you’d expect from a Golf estate. With a loading capacity of 611 litres plus five usable seats, or a maximum luggage volume of 1,642 litres when loaded to roof height, the Golf R Estate gets the whole family and all their luggage to where they want to go – quickly, safely and comfortably. 

The TSI engine

A true sports estate like the new Volkswagen Golf R Estate needs a powerful heartbeat, and for that, it has to be fitted with the best components. This applies without restriction to the legendary TSI from the EA888 product line in its fourth incarnation: As an evo4, the 1,984 cm3 four-cylinder turbocharged engine now develops an output of 235 kW (320 PS). That’s 14 kW (20 PS) more than the predecessor (third-generation) engine. 

The maximum torque has increased from 400 Nm to 420 Nm. This is available even at low engine speeds of just 2,100 rpm and remains constant at this high level up to speeds of 5,350 rpm. Integrated into the cylinder head of the direct-injection engine is a system for water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation to the turbocharger.

And the TSI is economical too – a fully electronic coolant regulator unit enables very efficient thermal management with a short warm-up phase. Consumption in accordance with NEDC is just 7.3-7.2 l/100 km combined. 

7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG)

The new Golf R Estate is equipped as standard with the latest development stage of Volkswagen’s 7-speed DSG.

The dual clutch gearbox is designed for high torque forces and offers excellent shifting performance without interrupting traction. This is thanks to the DSG’S sophisticated design. The dual clutch gearbox consists of two automated gear train halves, each with a clutch. One gear train half is for the even gears, the other for the odd gears. Both gear train halves work together on the same gearbox output. 

4MOTION all-wheel drive with R Performance torque vectoring

The new all-wheel drive system makes a central contribution to the impressive performance of the Volkswagen Golf R Estate. Thanks to a newly developed rear final drive, the drive power is distributed not only variably between the front and rear axles, but now also just as variably between the left and right rear wheels. This is how it works: The differential transfers the power via a multi-plate clutch to the left- and right-hand rear wheels with a ratio of 50:50 – even when the differential lets them rotate at different speeds while cornering.

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