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Published on August 1st, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Ford Ranger Gets Hydrogen Power And Possible Malaysian Arrival

Strong push to get this H2-powered Ford Ranger into production. 

Australian company H2X Global is reportedly attempting to launch its in-house engineered and converted hydrogen-powered Ford Ranger in Malaysia and also Thailand.

We can see this project kicking off well in Thailand as the Kingdom is moving fast into clean energy mobility, but with Malaysia we are doubtful of any progress as electric vehicle charging is already very slow moving and Hydrogen refuelling stations are expensive.

Ford Ranger H2X

However, there might be a strong push for this in Sarawak where the local government has been actively looking at hydrogen powered commercial vehicles like the introduction of the Hyundai Nexo and this Ford Ranger could be put to test.

Speaking more on its FCEV Ford Ranger meanwhile, technical details on it are sparse at best too. Named the Warregoafter a river in Queensland, H2X is boasting for this hydrogen-powered pickup to best its fuel-burning counterparts with a greater payload capacity of 1,500 kg.

They have previously stated that the Warrego will be offered in either 2- or 4-wheel drive configurations too, and be available in three different body configurations to better suit different requirements.

H2X is also talking big about its suspension energy recapture system, which works alongside its brake energy regeneration feature to recharge the battery pack when the pickup truck goes across a bump.

The exact size of the battery and how exactly the energy recuperation system works however is still very much a mystery, not to mention too the exact specs of its electric powertrain and hydrogen tank size etc.

Now granted, many automakers also don’t release such information till the day of reveal. To be entirely fair to H2X too, the production of these Warregos that was slated to begin in mid-July 2021 over at Port Kembla, New South Wales was pushed back by some 7 to 9 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Then again though, it is still very much uncertain as to whether or not these Warregos will actually see the light of day. Particularly when given H2X’s struggle to secure funds in recent time, with the latest cash injection coming by way of Australian renewable energy investor Liberty Energy Capital instead of its prior backer Elvin Group. 

All said however, at least its CEO Brendan Norman is confident in the future of H2X. Forecasting a (rather ambitious) 5 to 6-digit production volume within the next 5 to 10 years. 

According to H2X Global’s schedule too, the Warrego will be followed on by the arrival a light van and taxi that is dubbed the Darling. There are also apparently plans afoot to use the modular architecture developed with the Darling to underpin an all-new pickup as well as SUV model. 

It thus remains to be seen then as to whether H2X will really be the hydrogen equivalent to Tesla down under, or whether it will suffer the fate of fizzling out into obscurity before any tangible product is launched. What is perhaps more certain though is the probability of the all-new 2023 Ranger arriving on our shores sooner than the Warrego. 

Research and Text by Joshua Chin

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