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Published on September 27th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Ferrari Portofino M Launched In Malaysia From RM998K

The Ferrari Portofino M is now in Malaysia for under a million Ringgit before duties and taxes.

Every supercar brand has its entry point and for Ferrari, it’s the Porfofino. To many Prancing Horse enthusiasts, the base model Portofino is a fine enough vehicle, but is lacking in bite. That’s why they’ve come up with a performance enhanced version of this 2+ GT spider called the Ferrari Portofino M, which is now officially available through Naza Italia in Malaysia for RM998,000 before duties and taxes.

In Ferrari-speak, the ‘M’ in Portofino M stands for ‘Modificata’, which signifies that the vehicle has undergone an evolution in performance. Indeed, when comparing engine output figures, you’ll find that the 3855cc twin turbo V8 in here produces 20 metric horsepower more than in the standard Ferrari Portofino with 620 cv available at 7,500 rpm.

Performance Enhancements On The Ferrari Portofino M

  • new cam profiles to increase valve lift and optimise combustion chamber filling
  • a speed sensor on the turbocharger assembly which increase its peak rpm to 5,000rpm.
  • a new Gasoline Particulate Filter to comply with Euro-6D emissions standards
  • two dedicated sensors per cylinder bank

The Ferrari Portofino originally shipped with a 7-speed gearbox. However, the Ferrari Roma introduced an 8-speed dual clutch, which has now found its way into the Ferrari Portofino M. The new gearbox has been tuned by Ferrari engineers to deliver zero turbo lag and instantaneous throttle response throughout the rev range.

Variable Boost Management adjusts torque delivery to suit the selected gear, allowing Ferrari to use longer gear ratios on the higher gears. What’s more, the clutch module is now 20% smaller with 35% better torque delivery.

The improvement in efficiency of clutch torque control means that the car is now easier to drive in urban settings and during Start&Stop cycles.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

The engine’s soundtrack has been enhanced thatnks to new exhaust line geometry, the removal of the two rear silencers, and new oval-shaped bypass valves.

The Portofino M features Side Slip Control (SSC) which coordinates all vehicle dynamics intervensions on the vehicle including the E-Diff, the F1-TCS, the SCM-E Frs and the Ferrari Dyanmics Enhancer control systems. The brake pedal pressure on the Portofino M is more modulable and the pedal travel has been reduced by 10% overall.

Five positions are available on the Potofino’s steering-mounted Manettino, or drive mode selector:

PositionPerformance Goal
WetMaximum Stability and Control
ComfortNormal Use On Dry Roads
SportSporty Driving
RaceMaximises Driving Pleasure
ESC-OffVDC and F1-TCS both deactivated

New Design Cues

The Ferrari Portofino M sports some subtle new styling cues.

The wraparound front bumpers now include sculptural air intakes for a more aggresive look. The new air vents are positioned at wheelarch height and functionally improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.

The front grille now features new aluminium slats with contrasting faceted tips.

Around back, a new exhaust system makes the Portofino M’s tail a little more compact and streamlined. This is thanks to the removal of silencers on the exhaust and a redesigned rear diffuser, which is now seperate from the bumper. It can be optioned in carbon fibre upon request.

Diamond-finish wheels were also designed for the Portofino M.

The dashboard features the “Portofino M” badge on the passenger side.

Naza Italia Warranty and Maintenance

Purchasing a Ferrari Portofino M from Naza Italia entitles owners to an extended seven-year maintenance programme which covers scheduled maintenancce at 20,000km intervals or once a year without mileage restrictions. Services are down by staff trained directly at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello with all the latest Ferrari diagnostic tools.

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