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Published on September 12th, 2021 | by Amirul Mukminin


How Allianz’s Free Roadside Assistance Is Helping Bikers

Thanks to Allianz General, roadside assistance service is no longer exclusive to car owners

With the introduction of free roadside assistance service for Allianz Motorcycle Plus (Comprehensive) and Allianz Motorcycle (Comprehensive) (below 250cc) policyholders nationwide, Allianz General assures that motorcyclists no longer have to feel neglected and disregarded.

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Speaking at the Crash, Boom, Bang! Part II – The “Little Guys” and The Big Picture Behind Roadside Assistance for Motorcyclists media roundtable held recently, Allianz General Chief Executive Officer Sean Wang said the newly introduced service provides motorcycle riders with value-added services including emergency towing assistance (free for up to 50km, round-trip), fuel delivery, battery, and flat tyre service.

“We have all seen motorcycle riders left stranded or worse, involved in an accident, and every single time, it is fellow riders that are at the scene offering assistance. Now, with our roadside assistance services, our riders know that come rain or shine, we will be just a phone call away,” said Sean.

“As an insurer, we should be there for our customers. It is as simple as that. While many operators have shunned away from such a service simply for not being financially lucrative, sometimes, there is no harm in giving a little more. This is our way of saying thank you to our customers and letting them know that we are here for them in times of need,” he added.

The emergency towing assistance will be provided by the existing Allianz Road Rangers service, which was first introduced in 2017. Allianz General Head of Claims, Damian Williams said the company outlined scenarios in which a rider can benefit from the roadside assistance prior to developing its customer journey for motorcycle riders.

Allianz Road Rangers tow truck

The service features the following touchpoints:

  • 24-hour helpline assistance

In the event of an accident, Allianz Motorcycle Plus (Comprehensive) and Allianz Motorcycle (Comprehensive) customers can call 1-800-22-5542 to have a technician or tow truck dispatched to their location for assistance, repair work, or to provide towing services.

  • Allianz Road Rangers Tow trucks

The Allianz Road Ranger will provide riders emergency towing assistance (free for up to 50km, round-trip), fuel delivery, battery, and flat tyre service. Damian says the company already has 190 tow trucks at its disposal.

  • E-hailing vouchers

Customers will also receive e-hailing vouchers that they can use to get home from the accident site and back to their home (where the service is available).

“Our goal was simple – provide quick solutions to common issues like fixing a flat tyre or delivering petrol that would allow riders to continue their journey and should the need arise, provide them with towing assistance to get them to a workshop or their preferred location and get them home safely,” said Damian.

MIROS: Rider attitude and cultural change the best way to curb motorcycle accidents

It is no secret that motorcyclists suffer the most accidents and fatalities in Malaysia. According to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) statistics for 2020, while road accidents dropped by 26 percent last year, largely due to COVID-19 movement restrictions, the country still saw 418,237 road accidents and 4,634 fatalities, with most accidents involving motorcyclists with 3,118 deaths.

Guest panellist for the media roundtable, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) Director of Road User Behavioural Change Research Centre Azhar Hamzah, revealed that on average, motorcycle accidents stood at around 20 percent, but motorcyclists and pillion passengers were most affected in terms of injuries, with more than 60 percent deaths each year. Azhar also quoted a recent PDRM statistic which indicated that the highest percentage of motorcycle deaths at 36 percent, involved riders aged 16-25 years old.

Azhar also shared how riders can minimise the probability of getting into an accident using basic practical guides.  

Safe Ride Tips for Motorcycles

  • Be fit to ride. Refrain from riding when you are tired, and if you are unwell, opt for other modes of transportation. 
  • Observe the appropriate speed limit and traffic rule. Stop at red lights.  
  • Be aware of possible hazards at junctions or curves.  
  • Use a daytime running lamp (DRL) in the daytime and a reflective vest during the night.
  • Avoid blind spots the best you can. 
  • Use the special or designated motorcycle lanes whenever possible. Keeping apart from other road users have proven to work in lowering the probability of accidents.
  • Keep to your service schedule. A well-maintained motorcycle is key to keeping the rider safe.  
  • Ride carefully when on highways and trust in your riding skills.

“While users (80.6 percent), the environment (13.2 percent), and vehicle (6.2 percent) are the three main factors involved in accidents. The changing of behavioural habits and heighten awareness of safety is the quickest way to get rides to be safer on the roads. Simple, doable changes such as speed control, adhering to traffic rules like stopping at red lights, and just overall riding etiquette can make a huge difference,” said Azhar. 

“Motorcycles provide very little physical protection. So, for injury prevention, personal protective equipment (PPE) like wearing a proper-fitting, SIRIM-approved helmet can safeguard the head on impact while, riding jackets and closed-toe footwear can help reduce injury risks such as abrasion. These are readily available items that riders should consider incorporating into their ride to keep themselves safer,” added Azhar. To learn more about the new Allianz General’s motorcycle roadside assistance service, visit

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