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Jaguar C-Type Continuation Model Specs Revealed

The Jaguar C-type Continuation Model is now ready for customers.

Early this year, Jaguar announced that they’d be bringing back their legendary 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans winning car, the C-type, back as a continuation model. Continuation cars are models that are out of production that are brought back into production for a limited run, usually with minimal modifications to the original specification and in limited quantities for a lot more money than the original models. It’s usually the case that only very important models are brought back as Continuation Models.

jaguar C Type Continuation Model -  in motion

What was significant about the Jaguar C-type?

The Jaguar C-type was the first car from the brand to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It did so in 1951 on their first attempt and broke every speed and distance record on its first attempt. In 1952, it became the first car to be fitted with disc brakes, which were developed with Dunlop. Other upgrades to its engine and suspension resulted in another win (both first and second place) for Jaguar, who for the first time in Le Mans history completed the race at an average speed of over 100 mph. Only 53 were ever made.

jaguar c-type continuation model

How authentic is the Jaguar C-type Continuation?

Jaguar spent 2 years compiling data for the project with the original drawings, documents and engineering ledger. The original test driver, Norman Dewis OBE was able to contribute some guidance before his death in 2019.

The Continuation car was modelled in a computer first before construction to ensure the production process would go smoothly.

C-type Continuation specification

While most of the original C-type cars were modelled after the 1951 Le Mans cars, this continuation car more closely resembles the 1953 model. This means that instead of having drum brakes, it has disc brakes. Instead of twin SU carburettors, it has triple Weber 40DC03 carburettors. Instead of 200bhp, it has 220bhp. It also gets the upgrade suspension setup.

The 3.4L inline 6 motor takes Jaguar 9 months to put together with the carburettors being refurbished to like-new standards. Period-correct items like the Plessey hydraulic pump are also included.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Jaguar made sure to source loads of items from the original 1953 spec car. This includes Lucas fusebox covers, rear-view mirrors, a Brooklands race screen and Smiths clocks in the cockpit. These are all authentic items that were hunted down by Jaguar, restored to factory condition and introduced into the vehicle. Every element, down to the switches and gauges are faithful to the original specification.


For all C-type Continuations, materials have been sourced for the interior that respect and reference the original’s heritage, effortlessly and effectively blending old with new, to ensure authenticity while also providing a high quality and reliable finish for owners. Hardura trim is used for the cockpit, retrimmed to a new level that wasn’t found on the original C-type, but trimmed in silver to evoke the period item.

The Rexine finish on the dashboard and side panels of the Continuation cars, is from the last roll of this type of material available, providing as authentic an ambience as possible by delivering the same type of finish from 70 years ago.

The seats, finished in a choice of eight leather hues, are upholstered by Bridge of WeirTM, and are complemented with racing harnesses – fitted to a newly constructed component behind the rear bulkhead to comply with FIA regulations. A Bluemel steering wheel is true to the original with no roundel affixed to the centre – it was omitted from the original race cars to reduce glare and reflections – however customers can specify the iconic Jaguar badging if they desire.

All C-type Continuations are FIA-approved, with eligibility in participating historic race championships, including the Jaguar Classic Challenge, which races at Le Mans, Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone. To comply with regulations, the C-type Continuations will be fitted with FIA-approved Harness Retention System and rollover protection, effectively integrated into the rear bulkhead, also reassuring for those customers just looking to enjoy on track or closed-road use.

Other FIA-required fitments include a fire extinguisher with engine and footwell extinguishers, neatly controlled by in-period additional toggle switches in the cockpit.

Owners have 12 exterior colours to pick from, including Suede Green, Cream, Pastel Blue and British Racing Green, and the opportunity to enhance the exterior to their own specification with door roundels finished in White or Old English White.

The meticulous paint process takes one week to complete using modern water-based paint, while Jaguar badging can also be specified.

Jaguar C-type Continuation: technical specification

  • Powertrain and chassis 
    • Hand-built 3.4-litre DOHC in-line six-cylinder engine
    • Produces 220bhp @ 5,800rpm
    • Triple Weber 40DCO3 carburettors
    • Four-speed manual transmission
    • Plessey pump fitted to gearbox
  • Exterior 
    • Hand-rolled 16-gauge aluminium
    • 12 exterior paint options
    • Optional door roundels
    • Optional Jaguar badging
    • 16-inch, 60-spoke wire wheels
  • Interior 
    • Eight leather seat colour options
    • Original Lucas rear-view mirror with three-quarter windscreen & Brooklands Aeroscreen
    • Smiths clocks and gauges
    • 15-inch Bluemel steering wheel
    • Optional harness retention system
    • FIA-approved fire extinguishing system

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