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Published on September 7th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric Is A 2nd Gen EV From The French Brand

The Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric debuts a new generation of EV tech.

When it comes to electric vehicles, Renault is no slouch. They’ve been at the forefront with ally Nissan even before 2014, when the Zoe first debuted. Now, in 2021, Renault unleashes their Generation 2.0 electric vehicles, starting with the all-new Mégane E-TECH Electric.

Mégane E-TECH Electric rear end

The first major change for this new EV is that it’s built with ‘VaaS’ in mind, or Vehicle as a Service. It will be able to feel power back into the grid with Vehicle-to-Grid technology and be connected to the internet at all times.

More than just zero-emissions

Renault are going beyond zero tailpipe emissions with this Mégane E-TECH Electric. Once it reaches the end of its lifecycle, the batteries can be reused or recycled for other industrial purposes. The upholstery of the Mégane E-TECH Electric is made of 100% recycled materials, as are many interior trim pieces. Renault estimates that as much as 95% of the car can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Renault Mégane E-TECH Performance

Renault is using the alliance’s CMF-EV platform, which was shown just last year. It’s designed from the ground up to have an extended wheelbase and increased interior room for occupants with floor mounted batteries. The platform also makes use of “Cocoon Effect Technology”, which results in a super silent cabin thanks to lightweight foam deployed within the car’s floor and panels. Users can also customise how the car ‘feels’ in terms of driving sensations through the steering, throttle, ambient lighting, heating and digital animations through MULTI-SENSE settings.

Mégane E-TECH Electric platform

The Mégane E-TECH Electric’s motor is all-new and produces up to 160kW and 300Nm of torque with 4 levels of regenerative braking. The motor doesn’t require rare earth metals and weighs just 145kg, including the weight of the clutch. Two power outputs are on offer:

  • 96kW, 250Nm
  • 160kW, 300Nm

This motor allows the Mégane E-TECH Electric to complete the century sprint in a respectable 7.4 seconds.

Mégane E-TECH Electric Powertrain

There are also two battery pack sizes to choose from, 40 kWh and 60 kWh, and both are thinner than anything else available onthe market at just 110mm in thickness. The cells also use new chemistry and have a brand new liquid cooling system. The batteries come with an 8-year guarantee will be replaced for free if they fall below 70% of their nominal capacity within 8 years.

Mégane E-TECH Electric front

To make the vehicle more energy-efficient, the Mégane E-TECH Electric has a new generation heat pump, a new HVAC system, new systems for recovering and reusing lost thermal energy and predictive charging management.

Charging can be done via:

  • Domestic socket 10A/2.3 kW (single-phase)
  • Green’up Socket 16A/3.7 kW (single-phase)
  • Wallbox 32A/7.4 kW (single-phase)
  • Public charging station 16A/11 kW (single-phase)
  • Public charging station 32A/22 kW (triple-phase)
  • Combo socket 130kW DC Fast Charging
BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Charging time is as follows:

  • Up to 400 km of mixed driving recovered overnight (8 hours) with a 7.4 kW wallbox
  • Up to 160 km of urban driving recovered in 1 hour, with a 22 kW public charging station
  • Up to 200 km of motorway driving recovered in 30 minutes with a 130 kW fast charging station
  • Up to 300 km WLPT recovered in 30 minutes with a 130 kW fast charging station

For more on the Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric, check out the press release below.


Record-breaking powerful proportions

With the extended wheelbase (2.70 m for a total length of 4.21 m) and reduced overhang offered by the new CMF-EV modular platform, the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric displays unprecedented proportions that have given designers the opportunity to design a powerful hatch with a mastered footprint. The battery is thinner than ever (only 110 mm!) meaning designers could refine the external proportions while also boosting the car’s interior roominess vs. footprint ratio and lowering the centre of gravity for a more fun and exciting driving experience.

Lastly, the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric combines a compact design with a contained height (1.50 m), and yet the considerable space inside is still clearly felt from outside the vehicle.

Aerodynamics and efficiency

Features directly inspired from the world of crossovers give a sense of robustness: large 20-inch wheels, protective strips on the lower side and wheel arches, high beltline. The dropping line of the roof, wide tracks, and flush door handles (as standard) feel more like a coupé. The contained height, the spaciousness, and boot volume are reminiscent of traditional hatchback models.

Mégane E-TECH Electric in motion cover

Improving the aerodynamic performance thanks to an efficient styling was a main aspect of the design process behind the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric. The contained height, the narrow-rimmed tyres, sculpted shoulders with air-vents at the front and a character lines being part of the bumper sides, all give a streamlined feel to the vehicle, but also help improve its overall fuel efficiency.

Eye-catching and elegant colours

For its launch, the All-new Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric will be available in six elegant and eye-catching body colours: Rafale Grey, Schist Grey, Midnight Blue, Flame Red, Diamond Black, and Glacier White. For a more personal touch, it can also come in a two-tone finish by having the roof, pillars, and – depending on the chosen trim – the side mirror guards in Schist Grey, Diamond Black, or Glacier White, enabling 30 possible combinations. On the upper trim, other distinctive features include the Warm Titanium color featured on the bumpers front blade and at the rear as well as the side air-vents. This gives the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric a strong sense of character and sportiness. The vehicle sits proudly atop its 20-inch wheels (18-inch for the entry-level model) and comes with a choice between two 20-inch rims and two 18-inch option. All rims feature the new Renault logo in the centre.


Equipped with high-tech lights and new light signature, the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric is a ‘LIVING native’: it comes to life when you approach it, displaying a unique welcome sequence that is enhanced by a string of light and sound effects.

Electrical Signature

Full-LED lighting in the front and back of the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric has been finely laser cut to express its modernity. The car features a brand-new lighting signature with ‘electrifying’ patterns that cross over to the central logo for heightened excitement. In the front, day lamps appear to extend beyond the projectors and continue their path up to the side air vents on the shield. In the rear, numerous laser-cut micro-optic fibres laid in criss-crossing lines create an intriguing 3D-like shimmer effect: overlapping lines appear to vibrate as if they were alive. In addition to the very elegant indicators, the brake lights are displayed in two clear lines, much like a ‘pause’ sign.

Mégane E-TECH Electric taillight details

Projectors are made using six reflective panels and are adaptive so it’s no longer necessary to switch between high and low-beam – it’s all automatic. The beam of light is much wider on urban roads to see more of what is happening around the vehicle and much longer for the open road and on motorways in order to see further without blinding vehicles in-front or coming in the opposite direction. The lights also adapt to changes in weather (rain, fog) via a switch located on the dashboard and serve as fog lights. Dynamic indicator lights round out the full range of ultra-modern and very stylish lighting features.

Light sequence

The All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric automatically detects when the person holding the car’s key card is within 1 meter of the car. The vehicle then sets off a light sequence where the headlamps light up starting in the middle first, then moving out before fading to black on the day lamps and indicators have come on. At the rear, the light strip and lamps light up while the indicators flash on and off. The welcome sequence finishes with two lights mounted on the wing-mirrors projecting the new Renault logo on the ground, showing the path leading to the vehicle.

Mégane E-TECH Electric rear seats

Maximised spaciousness

The initial effect upon climbing aboard is striking: what space! Interior dimensions on the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric are similar to those of the internal combustion powered Mégane (length and distance between passengers) if not bigger (21cm of rear-passenger knee-room). Above all, the CMF-EV platform serves to enhance the car’s overall spaciousness and practicality: extended wheelbase, smaller engine compartment incorporating air-conditioning components, pared back dashboard, and so on. Thus, passengers can enjoy extra roominess in the center console and under the dashboard area. Moreover, interior space and comfort have been increased thanks to the absence of a drive-shaft tunnel (flat floor), gear stick and control panel usually integrated on the centre console.

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