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Published on September 1st, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


More Images Of The Upcoming Electric Subaru Solterra Shown

More official Subaru Solterra images are released. But what do they tell us?

Back in April, Toyota announced they’d be building an all-electric SUV called the bZ4X with help from Subaru. A month later, Subaru announced that their version of this product would be called the Solterra. Besides a few specifications about the use of TNGA/e-Subaru Global Platform and some marketing fluff about the car’s name, very little was shared.

Subaru Solterra headlight

So now we’re getting a new wave of official photos about the upcoming Subaru Solterra. They’re still not sharing any additional information about the car, but at least we’ll be able to see how the Subaru variant differs from the Toyota variant.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

What do the new Subaru Solterra photos tell us?

Well, it looks like Subaru and Toyota won’t be differentiating these two models by much, at least from the outside. From the side profile that was shared, it looks almost identical, from the bumpers to the taillights to the roof spoiler to the body panels.

What is slightly different is the fenders flares and body paint. on the Toyota model, these fenders have a gloss finish. However, on the Subaru Solterra, these same flares have a matte finish.

On the inside, the Subaru Solterra appears to share parts with its Toyota counterpart too. The only thing that seems different is the digital graphic on the infotainment and the logo on the horn pad of the steering wheel. Every other piece seems completely lifted from the Toyota BZ4X.

Seems like Subaru didn’t really go out of their way to provide any tangible difference between the two products. Hopefully, there’ll be some more advanced all-wheel-drive logic to the Solterra versus what’s on the Toyota.

About the Subaru Solterra

The next generation of Subaru SUV capability has a name: Solterra. The 2023 Subaru Solterra, which was named by combining the Latin words for “Sun” and “Earth,” is built on the e-Subaru Global Platform, a new all-electric vehicle architecture. The Solterra EV brings the Subaru brand’s trusted reliability, state-of-the-art safety technology, and legendary all-wheel-drive engineering to an environmentally responsible all-electric SUV. The Subaru Solterra electric SUV – the natural evolution of Subaru all-weather, all-road performance – is scheduled to go on sale in 2022.

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