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Published on September 24th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Toyota In Japan Launches The Corolla Cross

Is this Corolla Cross going to be the same as the ASEAN version?

The Corolla Cross is a brand new model from Toyota and the first Crossover to use the very popular and iconic Corolla name. The Corolla name has been around since 1966 and until the launch of the Corolla Cross, the Corolla name was only used for sedans, lift-backs and hatchbacks. As the automotive market, segments and preferences change, car manufacturers like Toyota have to also move with the times do the necessary to keep their showrooms bustling.

The Corolla series continues to evolve and embrace new challenges in line with the needs of the times; Toyota launches the first-ever Corolla Crossover, which boasts the functionality and performance required in this present day and age.

The Corolla Cross was launched in Malaysia in the middle of March 2021 and by the end of March it was sold out. Looking very much like a compact Toyota RAV4, the Corolla Cross has tickled the fancy of many Malaysians and till today the waiting list continues to grow.

Meanwhile, this popular Crossover was recently launched in Japan.

PRESS RELEASE: The all-new Corolla Cross combines superb visibility with ample head clearance, ensuring that passengers in every seat can spend every journey―from urban rides to long drives―in comfort.

The front seats provide a high viewpoint expected of an SUV, while slender front pillars and an uncluttered instrument panel result in a cockpit with a full field of view and easily accessible controls; the rear seats are conveniently accessed through large rear side doors and, since they can be reclined, they promise superb comfort and convenience.

The all-new Corolla Cross offers some of the best luggage capacity in its class, with 487 liters available even when seating five. Folding the rear seats further expands the luggage area, providing sufficient space even for carrying road bicycles.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

The large luggage door is set at a height of 720 mm above-ground, to make it easier even for shorter users to load and unload luggage; the Hands-free Power Back Door―operated simply by carrying a key and placing one’s foot under the rear bumper―allows the back door to be opened and closed even when both hands are full.

The highly functional Luggage Active Box has been specially designed for the Corolla Cross; it allows users to store luggage out of sight, while its lid can be shut flat to open up more luggage space. It thereby offers the potential for a wide range of luggage space layouts.

Commanding, powerful exterior

The all-new Corolla Cross has been designed to be “urban and active,” with the dynamism and sophistication of an SUV. Its commanding, urban proportions are rooted in a contrast between its relaxed upper body―including glass surfaces, and front and rear lights―and its wide, stable bumpers. The vehicle is available in a total of eight colors that accentuate its urban and sophisticated design.

Luxurious, spacious interior

From the instrument panel to the door trim, the interior exudes a sense of continuity which contributes to an expansive interior space. LEDs are used for all cabin illumination, helping to achieve an interior that is luxurious and sophisticated, but casual at the same time. Sporty front seats feature slim backs and provide outstanding support.

Powertrains that deliver a pleasing and intuitive ride

Both the hybrid and petrol versions of the all-new Corolla Cross are equipped with optimized 1.8-liter engines.

The car responds reliably to accelerator operation, and gains speed in a smooth, pleasing manner. The hybrid versions deliver class-leading fuel efficiency of 26.2 km/L; their E-Four electric 4WD systems not only contribute to superb fuel efficiency, but also ensure consistent behavior both when accelerating and when driving on snow or other slippery surfaces.

High-rigidity body for superb steering stability, and suspension designed for a supple, comfortable ride

The Corolla Cross combines a fully developed GA-C platform with a lightweight, high-rigidity body frame to provide nimble and stable steering in a manner that belies its tall vehicle height. Sound-absorbing materials have been optimally distributed to reduce engine noise and road chatter, and help improve the comfort and quietness of its cabin.

As for suspension, MacPherson struts are used for the front on all Corolla Cross grades. 2WD grades feature newly developed torsion beams and large rubber bushings in the rear, a combination that delivers outstanding road-holding on uneven roads, coupled with a luxurious ride.

E-Four grades are fitted with a double wishbone setup in the rear, which has been continually developed over previous generations of Corollas, with optimized arm mounting points for exceptional stability and responsiveness. The minimum turning radius of the Corolla Cross is just 5.2 meters, ranking among the smallest in its class, facilitating maneuvers on narrow roads and in car parks.

Toyota Corolla Cross Platform

The latest active safety package

All grades of the all-new Corolla Cross come equipped as standard with the latest edition of Toyota Safety Sense, providing driving support in all aspects of everyday usage scenarios. Parking Support Brake and Back Guide Monitor are also fitted as standard to all grades except the G “X,” enabling users to drive with peace of mind even in narrow spaces such as car parks. Plus Support is also available, to control sudden acceleration due to misapplication of the accelerator pedal, whether or not there are obstacles nearby.

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