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Subaru And Mitsubishi Motors Will Show New Cars At Auto Salon 2022

The Tokyo Motor Show may be history, but the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 is still on and 2 rivals are going at it.

Subaru Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have both promised to show a number of vehicles at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, so there’s something to look forward to despite the cancelled 2021 Motor Show. These traditional rally rivals are both going to show some motorsport-related vehicles, so it’ll be exciting.

For Subaru, we’ll have a first look at the STI E-RA Concept, the WRX S4 STI performance concept, the Levorg STI performance concept and the Subaru BRZ STI Performance.

For Mitsubishi, a Rallyart Concept as well as a Kei EV Concept car will be shown.

Here’s the press release with more information.

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Subaru Corporation and its motorsport subsidiary Subaru Tecnica International (STI)*1 will exhibit at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 to be held January 14 to 16, 2022 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

At the Subaru/STI booth, STI will reveal the STI E-RA CONCEPT, a study model for future motorsport vehicles toward a carbon neutral era.
Also on display will be STI performance models, including the WRX S4 STI performance concept, LEVORG STI performance concept, and SUBARU BRZ STI performance, all equipped with STI performance parts to make these models sportier and deliver greater enjoyment.
The booth will also showcase the actual SUBARU BRZ GT300 2021 model that raced in the Super GT 2021 series and brought the Subaru team its first-ever series championship in 2021.*2

On the Subaru official website, a special site for the Tokyo Auto Salon has been set up to deliver information on the Subaru/STI booth: (in Japanese only)

Exhibit vehicles list:

WRX S4 STI performance CONCEPT
SUBARU BRZ STI performanceCustom model
SUBARU BRZ GT300 2021Racecar

■ STI E-RA CONCEPT (world premiere)

STI is showcasing the STI E-RA CONCEPT developed in a new project launched with an aim of gaining experience and practice in new technologies in the world of motorsport which is making its way toward a carbon neutral era. 

■ WRX S4 STI performance CONCEPT

Based on the WRX S4 STI SPORT R grade, this vehicle is customized with STI performance parts such as a cherry red under spoiler. It is also equipped with a carbon rear spoiler and performance muffler to bring out the ultimate sense of unity.

■ LEVORG STI performance CONCEPT

Based on the LEVORG STI SPORT R grade, this vehicle is customized with STI performance parts such as a cherry red under spoiler as well as special items enhancing the utility of a wagon. Also equipped with a performance muffler, this concept model delivers the optimal combination of utility and performance.

■ SUBARU BRZ STI performance

Based on the SUBARU BRZ S grade, this vehicle is equipped with STI performance parts. It is a customized model featuring cherry red decorations to express driving enjoyment.

■ SUBARU BRZ GT300 2021

The actual race car that won the 2021 series championship in the GT300 class

The Subaru/STI booth will be shown live on the following special sites (in Japanese only):
– Tokyo Auto Salon
– SUBARU On-Tube

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will reveal a kei EV concept and a Ralliart concept car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, which will be held from January 14 to 16 next year.

Kei EV Concept

 The kei EV concept3 is a new generation all-electric kei-car with Mitsubishi Motors-ness, founded on safety, security and comfort, as well as environmental-friendliness. It combines easy handling and practical size of a kei-car with smooth yet powerful road performance of an EV, while offering advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity.

Ralliart Concept Car

 The Ralliart concept car brings together Mitsubishi Motors’ engineering and passion for Monozukuri challenges (craftsmanship). With a premium-feel and a strong sense of presence, the styling expresses the company’s vision for the new Ralliart.

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