Automotive accident and burnt car

Published on February 16th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Accident Car Becomes Burnt Car For Insurance Claim?

3 months ago it was an accident car and now it is burnt car. How?

This is very strange. Why would an accident car suddenly burst into flames and not affect anything else around it?

When we first spotted this Range Rover SUV about 3 months ago, it was in a sad state after a serious accident. We guessed that the repair bill would be very high, might even be higher than the used value of this model Range Rover. So, week after week when we drove past it, we saw it just sitting and waiting to be revived.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

Then a few days ago as we were driving past the Volvo showroom in Glenmarie, we were surprised to see the burnt-out shell of this Range Rover.

Was it struck by lightning? Was it the case of some ‘naught’ kids setting it on fire for a laugh? Was it the work of an arsonist looking to test their fire starting skills? Or, was it a leaking petrol tank and an innocent bystander accidently flicking their ciggiee on to the pool of seeping petrol?

Well, the only way to get to the bottom of this mystery is to examine the security video footage at the car showroom right in front of this burnt Range Rover.

Well, this is a job for the good people at Bomba Malaysia (fire department) to investigate and the insurance company to get their investigator on the job to find the truth.

Meanwhile, we hope that our pictures of before and after will assist in the investigation of this ‘accidental fire’ which has no bad intentions of making a false insurance claim to get a spanking new Range Rover from an insurance company payout that will ‘force’ the management of the insurance company to push up insurance premiums the following year by just a smidgen to cover the huge payout for a ‘burnt by accident Range Rover’.

Yes, we are sure that this is just an innocent accidental fire that happened without any malicious intent and the owner of this Range Rover is not involved in any way in the burning of his treasured British built luxury SUV.

We wonder how long after this news and pictures is published will this Range Rover SUV suddenly be towed away to an undisclosed location and the remains left behind on the tarmac will be cleaned up to allow the parking space to be used by the busy car showroom that is located right in front of it.

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