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Fan-Rendered Honda Ridgeline EV Looks Like A Cyberpunk Dream

This Honda Ridgeline EV looks exciting enough to give the Cybertrunk some competition.

When it comes to pick-up trucks, Honda aren’t really considered one of the heavyweights. In Malaysia and much of Asia, they’re unrepresented in the commercial vehicle segment, choosing to compete with passenger cars and motorbikes. However, in the United States, they’ve pioneered the unibody pick-up truck sub-segment for many years, producing the Honda Ridgeline pick-up truck to compete against the likes of the more traditional body-on-frame rivals like the Toyota Tundra. Now, what would happen if Honda were to evolve the game with an electrified version of their Ridgeline?

That’s what California-based Rene Garcia, who worked for decades on movies like Transformers, The Avengers, Iron Man 2 and many, many more. His render of the Honda Ridgeline EV started life as a possible Dakar rally truck, but it grew to take on the form of a conceptual EV pick-up for Honda.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

With the likes of newcomers like Rivian showing how much room there is for innovation in the electric pick-up truck segment, we’re sure some of the ideas presented here can be brought to market by Honda with relative ease.

Honda Ridgeline EV Concept

The concept render shows a pick-up truck that’s equal parts clean and functional. On the one hand, parts of the design are quite minimalist in nature, such as the side profile, rear and parts of the dashboard. However, the designer has also no forgotten that this is a pick-up truck that must be capable of roughing it out in the wild. So there’s plenty of ruggedness on display. Take the front bumper, which features a couple of tow hooks as well as a winch. These are flanked by an intricate daytime running light design that looks 3 dimensional and sculptural in nature. The hood features huge cutouts that show the inner mechanical layout of the front subframe and underneath this is a large frunk for storage. Offroad tyres help increase the Ridgline EV’s capability and enhance its looks.

Around back, we see the Ridgeline’s signature unibody trunk area shape has been retained from the petrol-powered models. Suicide doors have been added to give it an extra ‘pop’. They’ve also been designed with glass cutouts in the centre, which look really cool.

Honda Ridgeline EV rear

The familiar Ridgeline light graphics return here but are evolved to take on more radical bodywork. Orange towhooks around back also add to the aesthetic of the Ridgeline.

Inside, a full-length set of displays stretch across the dashboard. A yoke-style steering wheel has been featured. Air vents are small spread across the cabin. A nice mix of leather surfaces in dark brown help to give this futuristic cabin a bit of masculinity.

A little bit of red ambient lighting adds to the modernism and aggression of this design, with ultra thin seats doing the job of providing comfort and adequate ergonomics to passengers. And of course, the whole thing goes on top of a skateboard platform, perhaps the same one Honda will be borrowing from GM.

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