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Published on February 20th, 2022 | by Subhash Nair


Jaguar Land Rover Partner Up With NVIDIA On Next Gen Vehicle Tech

With increasingly tech-laden cars on the horizon, Jaguar Land Rover have chosen NVIDIA to help them out.

Cars today are more filled with technology than ever. It’s gotten to the point where a supply shortage in the chip shortage completely hinders car companies from even producing vehicles for sale. Premium cars are expected to get to fully-automated driving first, and so car companies need to have tech partners to help them flesh out solutions.

Thierry Bolloré of Jaguar Land Rover and Jenson Huang of NVIDIA shake hands

For this reason, Jaguar Land Rover is partnering up with NVIDIA, the guys who invented the graphics card and who still produce some of the most powerful graphics card, artificial intelligence and computing solutions in the market.

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From 2025, all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be built on the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 8 software-defined platform. Vinfast are also going to be using this same platform on future vehicles.

Here’s the press release with more information.

Press Release

 Jaguar Land Rover has formed a multi-year strategic partnership with NVIDIA, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and computing, to jointly develop and deliver next-generation automated driving systems plus AI-enabled services and experiences for its customers.

Starting in 2025, all new Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be built on the NVIDIA DRIVE™ software-defined platform—delivering a wide spectrum of active safety, automated driving and parking systems as well as driver assistance systems. Inside the vehicle, the system will deliver AI features, including driver and occupant monitoring as well as advanced visualisation of the vehicle’s environment.

This full-stack solution is based on NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion™, which features DRIVE Orin™ centralised AV computers; DRIVE AV and DRIVE IX software; safety, security and networking systems; plus, surround sensors. DRIVE Orin is the AI brain of the car and runs the Jaguar Land Rover Operating System, while DRIVE Hyperion is the central nervous system.

Jaguar Land Rover will also leverage in-house developed data centre solutions with NVIDIA DGX™ for training AI models and DRIVE Sim software built on NVIDIA Omniverse™ for real-time physically accurate simulation. Jaguar Land Rover’s software-defined features and its end-to-end verification and validation architecture will enable the delivery of innovative assisted and automated driving services throughout the life of the vehicle via over-the-air software updates.

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