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4,796 Units Of Lamborghini Huracan Recalled In The US

This is for the replacement of missing blanking caps over the headlight adjustment screws

Over in the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a recall for 4,796 units of the Lamborghini Huracan built between 30 July 2014 and 14 May 2020 due to missing blanking caps over the low-beam headlight horizontal adjustment screws.

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According to NHTSA, this could result in glare to other road users and reduced visibility on one of the sides of the road and road ahead, therefore increasing the risk of crash. Needless to say, the missing blanking caps will be installed at no cost to owners. Those who have already replaced the part will be fully reimbursed, if they can provide the proof.

Lamborghini Huracan

The issue was first uncovered by Lamborghini during a routine internal audit back in early 2020. The missing part was identified on cars that had yet to be delivered and was then blamed on “human error”. It is reported that Lamborghini had notified NHTSA in March 2020 and applied for a petition for “Inconsenquential Noncompliance”. Fast forward two years, NHTSA has finally ruled on the petition and ordered the automaker to issue the recall.

Now, this begs the question: does this recall campaign affect the Huracan units that are here in Malaysia? Sure, the recall was made in the U.S. but since every Huracan is assembled at the Sant’Agata Bolognese production site, we can’t help but wonder if there were a few of the affected units that had made its way to Malaysia. Unless of course, the recall involved left hand drive versions only.

We personally think that the likelihood of this happening is slim to none but if it does happen, will Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur entertain the affected customers, especially if the car was bought from a grey importer?

Even if they do, it could be a very lengthy process as the brand has yet to open its new “state of the art” workshop under the newly appointed distributor, SunAgata Supercars Sdn Bhd. The company promised to begin operations of its integrated 3S facility by the second quarter of 2021 but the progress was most likely hindered by Covid-19.

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