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Volkswagen Rolls Out Software Update For ID. Range

It contains the latest driver assistance systems, greater charging capacity and optimised voice control performance

Volkswagen has released a generation 3.0 software update that adds a multitude of new functions to its entire ID. electric vehicle family. The updated software will be readily available in new cars, while existing owners will get it free of charge via an over-the-air update beginning Q2 of this year.

So, what’s new? First up, there’s an optional function called Travel Assist with Swarm Data that is tasked to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane and maintain the distance from the vehicle in front at a preset speed.

The system adapts to the user’s driving style and can also perform automated lane change by turning on the indicator, on condition that the driver has their hands on the steering wheel and the sensors have not detected any objects in the surrounding area.

Another automated feature available with this new update is the Park Assist Plus, which enables the vehicle to find a parking space and complete the parking manoeuvre. The system can also complete unfinished parking manoeuvres and get out of parallel parking spaces.

Using a memory function, the vehicle will learn and remember up to five parking manoeuvres at speeds below 40 km/h with a travel distance of up to 50 metres. Thanks to this function, the driver just has to park once and watch the car repeat the learned parking manoeuvre autonomously next time.

The augmented reality head-up display has also been improved to include additional displays such as upcoming roundabout and the remaining distance to a destination. The turn arrows also appear much more integrated into the surrounding. In response to customers’ feedback, the ID. Cockpit now shows the battery state of charge as a percentage, next to a battery icon that shows the charge level.

The optional navigation has also been improved to locate the vehicle precisely in the lane, enabling the system to recommend changing lanes in a more timely manner. The indication for the lane change will now appear in the ID. Light, which is the strip light under the windscreen.

Meanwhile, the voice control system can now recognise commands much faster and more precisely to increase user-friendliness and driving comfort. Perhaps more impressive is that it can determine whether the command comes from the driver of the front passenger.

Lastly, the 3.0 software update brings with it a higher charging capacity. Models with the 77 kWh battery can now charge a maximum of 135 kW instead of 125 kW as in current versions. VW also adds that range can be increased especially in cold weather thanks to improvements to the battery thermal management. Customers who want to conserve their battery can activate the new Battery Care Mode, which limits the SOC charge level to 80%.

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