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Published on April 29th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Mitsubishi Lancer GT Might Be The Used Car You Need

Better the Lancer GT over its copycat sibling the Proton Inspira?

Tough decision when you look at the current used selling prices of a Proton Inspira against its sibling, the Mitsubishi Lancer GT.

Let’s rewind to August 2007, some fifteen years ago when Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia launched the Lancer GT, the last Lancer model (10th generation). The launch price was RM111,827 and just days after its launch, the waiting list moved to 12 months. Within 2 weeks of its launch, delivered cars were being transacted in the used car market for as high as RM125,000.

The rivals at the time, Ford Lynx and Mazda 323 were being ignored as the Lancer arrived with all the ‘boy racer’ features that were desired at the time. It delivered 148bhp and 197Nm of torque and the stiff chassis was riding on 18-inch wheels, a sports tuned suspension and there were chunky paddle shifters to get more excitement from the CVT. It also looked aggressive and was larger than its immediate rivals.

Many Malaysians did not realize that this GT continued to be on sale even after the Proton Inspira (pure rebadging exercise from Proton) was launched in October 2010 for RM94,500. In fact until 2016, you could buy a Lancer GT for RM123,000.

Today, some 15 years later, this Lancer GT still commands decent used value against the lower priced Proton Inspira, despite just a ‘badge’ (Proton vs Mitsubishi) separating their value.

A quick check on the classifieds and you will find plenty of units for sale from various years and in various colors. For the Lancer GT prices start from just below RM30,000 to as high as RM75,000 for the final 2016 model that came with a factory sunroof.

Our recommendation if you are able to buy cash is to look for 2007 to 2010 models, the first batch of cars which will not be more than RM40,000. If you need to get a loan then you need to look for a used Lancer GT from 2012 onwards which will cost from RM45,000.

We spotted a one owner, 2008 model with an asking price of RM35,800 and from the pictures it was worth a visit and some negotiations. Then there was a 2014 Lancer GT with a factory sunroof asking for RM67,800. Lots of promises by the used car dealer and worthy of a look as a loan was also available.

As with any used car, you will need to see some service record from the current owner and if the used car dealer says there is no record, then walk away and look for another unit as there are many for sale.

Even with service records made available, please get the car checked by your mechanic or a friend who knows what to look out for as there could be wear and tear parts like your brake disc and pads, suspension parts, air-con compressor, alternator, the 18-inch wide and slim tires and more that might be on its way ‘out’ and this is why the car is for sale. You could end up spending close to RM10k just on all the above-mentioned replacement wear and tear parts.

Easily a few of the cars advertised might have been in floods. Also, a 100 percent accident free car will be hard to find, but possible.

Running and maintenance cost will be pocket friendly and much better than a used Persona or used Proton Preve. Plus, this is a fully imported Mitsubishi. Parts will be easy to find and you do not need a specialist mechanic. Take you time to find the best possible Lancer GT and you will have years of sensible and fun motoring. 

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