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Allianz Road Rangers Adds 5 More Hybrid Trucks To Fleet

These trucks are capable of towing two vehicles simultaneously

The Allianz Road Rangers service was first launched in 2017 with a small fleet made up of 15 tow trucks to assist Allianz General policyholders who get into an accident. Fast forward five years and the service now has a total of 250 tow trucks ready to serve some 1.13 million Allianz General customers across the nation.

New to the fleet are five units of hybrid trucks, which are called as such because they combine the features of a flatbed carrier and a spectacle lift, enabling them to tow two accident vehicles simultaneously. In addition, hybrid trucks are also capable of towing modified or lowered vehicles (or a Continental car that suffer from broken air suspension). These trucks also carry mini and normal-sized wheel dollies to ensure there are no further delays in service.

Here’s the press release with more:


Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (Allianz General) have added five hybrid trucks to its Allianz Road Rangers fleet, bring the fleet total to 250 tow trucks.

Allianz Road Rangers currently comprises various tow trucks including spectacle lifts, flatbed carriers, super carriers, king dollies, and basement trucks. The hybrid trucks come with combined features of a flatbed carrier and a spectacle lift that can tow two accident vehicles simultaneously. A flatbed carrier features a long hydraulic flatbed that inclines and allows vehicles to be driven or pulled onto the bed for towing, while a spectacle lift or wheel lift tow truck has a metal yoke that hooks up the drive wheels of the vehicle towed. Besides that, the hybrid trucks also carry mini and normal-sized wheel dollies.

Furthermore, hybrid trucks are also suited to tow modified or lowered vehicles or vehicles (particularly of continental-make) that suffer from broken air suspension systems, thus resulting in a lowered suspension before loading onto the carrier platform.

Allianz General’s Chief of Claims, Damian Williams, said the addition of the remote-operated hybrid trucks now completes the Allianz Road Rangers fleet. Damian said: “Since its launch in 2017, the Allianz Road Ranger accident assistance service has been key for our customers. In looking out for our customers, we continue to enhance the service or our fleet to ensure our service remains first-rate. With the addition of the innovative hybrid trucks, we can serve our customers better, more so should two vehicles insured under Allianz General are involved in an accident.”

In 2021, Allianz General had 1.13 million Motor Comprehensive customers, with 64,000 customers benefiting from the complimentary Allianz Road Rangers service.

“With the hybrid trucks, our Allianz Road Rangers technicians are also better equipped to handle complicated towing jobs. So, if a flatbed is required and dispatched to the accident scene, but the parking brake is stuck, the technician can easily deploy wheel dollies and tow the vehicle using the yoke, all with no further delay in service,” added Damian.

In the event of an accident, Allianz General’s Motor Comprehensive customers should call 1-800-22-5542. To learn more about the Allianz Road Rangers service, visit

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