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Published on May 1st, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Porsche Taycan Waiting Time More Than 13 Months In Malaysia

Order your Porsche Taycan today and you will get it in June 2023.

This is a growing issue with wealthy Malaysians who want a Porsche Taycan electric sports sedan right now. When it was first launched there was some initial hesitation from the super rich Malaysian about battery charging stations.

However, when the first batch of cars were seen on Malaysian roads and the early adopters started showing off their sleek looking Taycans at 5-star locations around Klang Valley, the flurry of excitement came from current 911 and Cayenne owners and even some air-cooled Porsche owners sold their treasured cars for a high premium and placed a booking for this futuristic Porsche.

Today, with parts shortages around the world and the much talked about ‘computer chip’ shortage, the delivery of a brand new Porsche Taycan in Malaysia has stretched to 13 months and counting.

The Covid-19 pandemic, falling housing market, lackluster condo sales and slow declining currency has not deterred the elite Malaysian who are frequently seen over and over again in lifestyle magazine events (free food and drink) from wanting a Porsche Taycan.

Some might say, it is like having the latest Patek on your wrist or having the limited edition Berkin on your arm. It is a must must accessory for the wealthy (or some who pretend to be wealthy by being photographed over and over in lifestyle magazine events) who wants to stay within the ‘gated elite community’ of Klang Valley.

Some Porsche Taycan buyers still do not have an idea about public battery charging infrastructure and just charge their Taycan’s at home as they only use it for weekend events and some week day dinner outings.

They are not daily drivers and instead have a Bentley or even a Mercedes GLC 300 4Matic for daily commuting. The idea of parking at a public charging bay and waiting for ‘juice’ is just not for them and with no public chargers installed as yet outside of high end fashion ‘boutiques’, they simply cannot use their Porsche Taycan for day to day shopping and high tea sipping.

Porsche Taycan EV

Meanwhile, if you are keen to get yourself a Porsche Taycan, to be part of the photographed elite in Klang Valley or just want to have a sleek, powerful and very entertaining electric sports sedan, then here is some information for you to absorb.

Sime Darby Auto Performance is the authorized importer of Porsche vehicles in Malaysia, and you can order your Porsche Taycan ONLY from them as they will provide a factory warranty and after sales. Do not be silly and buy a used reconditioned imported AP Porsche Taycan which has no factory warranty (only a shop/import dealer warranty) and after sales.

If there is a recall or product issue, like there was in July 2021, ONLY Sime Darby Auto Performance sold Taycan’s will be looked after.

You have a choice of the Taycan 4S for RM725,000, Taycan Turbo for RM999,000 and the Taycan Turbo S for RM1,195,000. You can also get an entry model Porsche Taycan for RM605,000 right now which comes standard with a single-deck Performance Battery with 79.2 kWh that gives it a range of up to 431km based on the WLTP cycle.

This entry level Taycan delivers up to 408 PS in overboost mode with Launch Control and will accelerate from standstill to 100km.h in 5.4 seconds. 

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