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No Licence Needed To Drive Squad Mobility’s Solar City Car

It’s an affordable, secure, quick and sustainable solution for your daily mobility needs

Having been announced some three years ago, Squad Mobility‘s first electric vehicle, which is simply known as the Squad, has finally been revealed in all its glory. According to the Netherlands-based EV startup, the tiny city car is now open for pre-orders in Europe ahead of its market debut sometime in 2023.

The Squad is essentially a solar-powered city car that offers enough room for two passengers and luggage and has large windows that provide a panoramic view, a well-arranged dashboard with space for a laptop, cup holders, a phone holder and an USB charger.

In Europe, it is categorised as a L6e vehicle, which means it can be driven be driven by people as young as 14 (depending on which country) without a driver’s licence, much like the Citroen Ami/Opel Rocks-e twins.

Powering the Squad are two electric motors, each generating 2 kW for a total system output of 4 kW. These motors get their juice from four swappable 1.6 kWh lithium-ion battery packs, which ensure it can cover a distance of up to 100 km in one charge and hit a top speed of 45 km/h.

When it comes to energy recuperation, the Squad can be charged directly from the grid or charging infrastructure just like a conventional EV. Alternatively, users can take out the batteries and swap them with fully-charged ones at a mobile or stationary battery charging station. Not to forget, it also has a solar panel roof that can provide an additional range of 20 km on a nice sunny day.

According to Squad Mobility, the Squad is specifically designed for sharing platforms with focus on connectivity and efficiency. When it hits the market, customers will be able to locate a Squad car and access it via a dedicated app.

For EU citizens who want to purchase it, pricing for the Squad starts from 6,250 euros (RM28,744). There are four pre-order options available. The regular production Squad carries a booking fee of 50 euros (RM230), while the Pioneer version (production numbers 101 to 1000) can be booked for 500 euros (RM2,300). The first 100 units, which is called the Squad Signature Edition, are also available for purchase with a booking of 5,000 euros (RM23,000). Those outside the EU can place a booking for free but it is unknown when production will start.

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