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Published on May 2nd, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Which GENIUS Road Engineer Approved This?

We must have the best road engineer in the region getting our tax money.

We have tolerated the road conditions in our cities for long enough. We see more and more shoddy repair work and the same sub-standard contractors getting contracts after contracts (if they are banned, no worries, they just set up a new shelf company overnight and go back in again and again to get more contracts and ‘local orders) to provide hazardous roads and also road furniture without worrying about the safety of motorcycle riders who are facing these dangerous conditions daily and also vehicles owners who have to spend money on regular wheel alignment and also replacement tires.

Today, on the first day of Hari Raya, we would like to wish all our friends, family members who are celebrating and also our readers a very happy and joyous Hari Raya.

For the many road and road furniture (items that you see on and along every road like signboards, guardrails, curbs, pavements, reflectors, street-lamps) contractors who are having a great celebration with their families after collecting their ‘fat’ profits over the years from our Town Council finance department, we wish you a great holiday and those celebrating (most of you actually) a Happy Hari Raya.

Today morning, in just 18 minutes of riding our scooter around a 5 kilometer radius from our family home we got pictures of these road hazards. Imagine if we had ridden an even larger radius? How many MORE road hazards would we have to share?

Weekly we see motorcyclists hitting sunken holes, raised manhole covers and deep ruts on our main roads and some fall, some get badly injured and sadly some go to their maker.

Some, trying to avoid these hazards get hit by vehicles and in some cases, vehicle drivers trying to avoid these hazards to ‘save’ their tires and suspension might hit motorcyclists and even worse, cyclists.

Meanwhile, we also have ‘Genius’ road engineers who approve the narrowing of lanes from 2 lanes to one lane and back to 2 lanes in very congested areas which cause huge traffic jams. 

Here, we can see that a bridge needs to be widened which is pending for more than 2 years. Instead, taxpayers’ money is spent on beautifying our roundabouts every few years.

This here is a simple case of getting a contractor to move the ‘boxes’ three feet in to allow traffic to move smoothly.

This unsightly lamp-post outside a school entrance can easily be moved three feet in to make for easier traffic movement. But instead, contracts are handed out for large-scale landscaping.

Ask any motorcyclist or weekend cyclist and they will share with you the many hazards that they need to memorize along their regular route. What about delivery riders who take irregular routes?

What about motorcyclists who ride at night or even worse when it rains and the holes and ruts are covered with water and you cannot spot them in time?

There are many school children today riding motorcycles to school and back along these dangerously approved roads and it looks that our tax money decision makers are waiting for another death or disability to happen to our children before some action will be taken.

We at are NOT waiting. We want action immediately. We want changes done asap and we will not accept excuses anymore from ‘Genius Engineers’ getting salaries from our hard earned tax money.

The road contractors are all in 4×4 vehicles and SUV’s and they probably live in expensive neighborhoods where the roads are well maintained as politicians might be their neighbors.

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