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2022 Peugeot 2008 1.2L Puretech Allure Review

The Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech Allure presents a fun little option with tech and style on its side.

When it comes to Peugeot’s current range of funky crossovers, dynamism is not the first thing that comes to mind. The Peugeot 3008 and its larger sibling, the 5008 are both fairly comfortable and competent cars with decent enough handling. However, they’re also both made for moving people primarily and in Malaysia, they’re powered by the older range of THP engines. If you want to sample what the French brand is really capable of, you need to try out something with a newer Puretech motor. That’s where the all-new 2008 comes in. Not only is this the only Lion-badged car with a Puretech engine in Malaysia, it’s also the first all-new Peugeot model to be launched by Bermaz since they took stewardship of the brand locally.

The 2022 Peugeot 2008 takes on compact crossovers like the Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-30 and Proton X50 and it does so without focusing too much on metrics. It’s not the largest car in its segment and on paper, it doesn’t have quite as much power as the other turbocharged option on the list. However, when you put your foot to the gas pedal, the 2008 feels a lot more relentless in its pace. Give it a long enough road and you’ll eventually pass an X50 and wave ‘Bye Proton’ to its driver.

2022 Peugeot 2008 1.2 Allure CKD Malaysia rear

It’s honestly baffling how a 1.2L 3-cylinder can feel this explosive, but we have a feeling a lot of the sensations are digitally enhanced. For sure, the engine note is being generated through the speakers, at least at higher revs. But hey, if it feels good and it actually gets the job done, why question it? The same 6-speed conventional automatic sourced from Aisin still cuts it in 2022 and delivers a more engaging drive than an equivalent CVT.

The 2008 is also the only modern Peugeot I’ve driven that full advantage of the i-Cockpit design. It does this by adding a very futuristic 3D element to the digital instrument cluster and also by giving the small steering wheel a nimble and light chassis to toss around.

This is the complete i-Cockpit experience in my books and it’s almost transformative for such a small, relatively affordable vehicle to deliver such a unique take on the cabin experience.

Complementing this is a holistically designed dashboard that creases and curves in all the right places, even joining the front door cards in perfect harmony. Matt black faux carbon-fibre trim pieces lend a sporty, sombre character to the interior while exposed ambient lighting strips in blue match the existing theme of the digital interfaces.

Wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto covers infotainment through a 7″ touchscreen and is more than adequate in this segment, but only a reverse camera is present here. That being said, Peugeot’s interface for the reverse camera actually creates a top-down composite image based on what the video feed captures, which is pretty interesting. The only real complaint in the cabin is that climate controls are buried in a submenu.

In terms of safety, the Peugeot 2008 makes few compromises. It gets 6 airbags as standard and its Advanced Driver Assist Systems cover Autonomous Braking and Lane Keeping for peace of mind. What’s more, there’s a seatbelt reminder system wired to each and every seat in the vehicle.

On the topic of design, I think the Peugeot 2008 is a fantastic looking vehicle, especially in this Orange Fusion colour, which provided good contrast against the glossy black trim elements and satin chrome accents. In this iteration of the Peugeot features a 3-claw DRL design that extends out of the headlight cluster and into the front bumper.

LED headlights and taillights elevate the design significantly and it’s clear the technology and design was thought of in the same breath. The rectangular pins on the front grille expand out from the centre and merge into the headlights as well, completing the fascia. It’s a very tidy and upmarket look that puts the 2008 clearly in premium territory.

peugeot 2008 1.2 Allure front

But that’s where the list of positives comes to an end.

The 2008 is a compact vehicle and Peugeot very clearly put design first. As a result, ergonomics in the cabin, especially for someone of my height and build, is pretty poor. I spent a good deal of time trying to find the perfect drive position. It always ended with the steering wheel either blocking my view of the driving instrument cluster or coming in contact with my thigh when turning. Worsening the experience was the completely manual controls for seat adjustment up front.

What’s more, there’s no air conditioning vents at the rear either, a big miss for a new generation product in this segment.

That being said, the boot is of a respectable size (405L), so packaging was not completely disregarded – Peugeot just prioritised the front occupants and their luggage.

Also worth paying attention to is the low-speed character of this 3-cylinder. It doesn’t quite feel as refined as the motor in the X50 when taking off from a standstill. While it makes up for it in raw performance, the difference in heavy traffic is noticeable. That being said, the character of the 6-speed conventional automatic is more natural and smooth in heavy traffic than the Proton’s dual-clutch automatic. So, pick you poison I suppose.

All-in-all, the Peugeot 2008 presents a good-looking, fun, performance-oriented package that will work well for singles and young couples out there. At just under RM130,000, the pricing isn’t bad considering the equipment list. And with local assembly and a 5-year manufacturer warranty in place and Bermaz at the helm there’s never been a better time to consider something small and French like the 2008.

Peugeot 2008 1.2 Allure Specifications

Engine: Inline-3, 12-Valve, DOHC, Turbocharged Petrol
Capacity: 1,199cc
Gearbox: 6-speed Conventional Automatic
Max power: 128hp @ 5,500rpm
Max torque: 230Nm @ 1,750rpm
Top Speed: 199km/h
Price: RM126,753

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