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Published on July 30th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Luxury MPV’s Should Have Speed Restrictions On Them

We are seeing more and more luxury MPV’s going sideways because of their powerful engines.

They are large in size and some come with powerful V6 engines and in the hands of the in-experienced or sleepy driver they are like a runaway truck.

This time, luckily only a STOP sign and some grass was damaged in the accident in Subang Jaya. What if there was a motorcyclist or even a compact car in the front of this large MPV?

Luxury MPV’s accident

Recently there was a ‘call’ to get pickup drivers to get a special driving license after numerous accidents were reported involving pickup trucks.

Many pickup truck drivers were upset with this and outraged that because a a few ‘idiots’ behind the wheel, all the rest of pickup truck drivers are ‘lumped’ into the same group.

Luxury MPV’s common accidents

So, does this mean now we need to get MPV drivers to take a special driving test and exam? Is this just a way to get more money from vehicle owners? What if they just needed to drive a friend’s MPV or pickup truck over a short distance?

The answer lies in driver education (for all vehicles) and more importantly, the restrictions on high torque with large powerful vehicles. Volvo Cars in May 2020 made a bold and effective rule to restrict the top speed of all their vehicles to 180km/h. Soon after Renault followed and restricted all their new cars to 180km/h.

Luxury MPV’s accident scene

It is a good start and a rule that should be followed by all car manufacturers, including electric cars.

Pickup trucks come with ‘huge’ torque ratings with every new model (primarily because in most markets the pickup truck is a full workhorse and does a lot of towing (trailers, boats, jet-skis and so on).

Malaysian pickups are divided between urban family vehicles and the rest are for plumbers, restaurants, cafes, electricians and contractors.

Accident Scene Of Luxury MPV’s

However, in recent years the number of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and of Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) on our roads has increased significantly, and there are concerns that these vehicles, by virtue of their greater mass and height, may not be well catered for by the current design and safety on our roads.

Luxury MPV’s

A recent analysis in England on National accident statistics showed that the occupants of these larger vehicles generally incur less severe injuries than occupants of standard cars, however they cause greater injury to other road users, including car, motorcycle and pedestrians due to their sheer mass.

So, lets look at reducing power delivery and torque in family vehicles and not giving lessons to a targeted group of vehicle owners and drivers.

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