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Published on August 22nd, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Why Do Some Singaporeans Park Like This In Johor?

Apparently this driver from Singapore needed their Marrybrown so badly, they couldn’t park properly first


Johan Ropi, Co-Founder of Kilang Bestari recently shared a social media post showcasing the parking skills (or lack thereof) of a BMW Z4 with a Singapore registered number plate in Johor Bahru.

Hello and welcome to Singaporean Adventures in JB, I’m your host, Logan and today we see a foodie take his food cravings to the next level with this impressive parking right on the sidewalk in front of this Marrybrown restaurant in JB. I guess hunger really does make you do silly things.

All jokes aside, this is truly sad, especially for the car. The BMW Z4 is already a low slung car. Imagine the damage the car’s underbody would have sustained because of this? Surely, the driver could have found some proper parking before he went to enjoy a burger right?

Moreover, this car which was registered under a Singapore number plate, SLM 9159 G, was reported by Johor citizens for this reckless parking and caught the attention of Johan Ropi, who subsequently posted this to his Instagram linked here.


He wrote “Even JB citizens don’t park their cars this way, expert skills shown by the owner of the car with the number plate SLM 9159 G. I received this complaint from Johoreans who love this city. Together we exclaim, shame on you, Singapore.”

So why did this driver park their car this way? Who knows, but I certainly don’t think any burger from anywhere is so good that one cannot spare a few more minutes to find a proper parking spot.

This kind of behaviour is appalling and quite frankly only worsens the mental image one has of a particular group of people, and this goes for any group of people, not just Singaporeans specifically. Parking is really not difficult at all.

Remember that road safety starts with us, this is no way to treat a car, especially not one that is as coveted as the BMW Z4 Roadster. I am personally a bit hurt by this as I am a BMW fan but I’m sure we can all agree that parking like this is the last thing any car owner should do with their car.


So what do you think should have been done? Should the car have been clamped? Perhaps it should have been towed away? Or was it punishment enough to this Singaporean driver that they had to drive all the way to JB to get a decent meal from Marrybrown? 

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