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Published on September 19th, 2022 | by Subhash Nair


All-New 3rd Generation Subaru Crosstrek Revealed, No More ‘XV’ Name

An all-new Subaru Crosstrek has been shown and it builds on all of the nameplate’s strengths.

The Subaru XV has been extremely successful globally. Even in Malaysia, the first generation was the first Japanese crossover to hit the mass market, beating the 2014 Honda HR-V to launch by years. The second generation Subaru XV arrived in 2017 and although it was not quite as uncontested in the market as its predecessor, it still enjoyed strong sales. In 2022, Subaru has finally shown a third generation car. This time it will drop the ‘XV’ name and be called the ‘Crosstrek’. This has been its name in North America (previously it was known as the ‘XV Crosstrek’) for some time now and the company has decided on this new identity for generation 3.

3rd generation Subaru Crosstrek

The all-new Subaru Crosstrek brings the same ingredients for success to the table. It still features Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system, a flat four engine, a CVT and the Subaru Global Platform. However, each of these aspects has been improved in big ways.

Design and Equipment

The new design builds on the familiar silhouette of the outgoing model. The same wagon-like proportions return, but the surface work and details are without a doubt more intricate, complex and futuristic.

From the front, a higher hood position, sharp front grille bars and LED headlights are the most noteworthy changes. Around the side, the body cladding is even more aggressive than before and there is a new 18″ aluminium wheel design. Two new colours that are being introduced are Offshore Blue Metallic and Oasis Blue.

Inside, a new multi-material, multi-layered cabin has been designed around a 11.6″ portrait-oriented infotainment system with smartphone-like operations.

There are more clever storage spaces and design improvements, such as the new inner pull handles that allow for a more natural posture during operation of the doors. The interior also features silver stitching on fabric seats or tricot seats. Leather seats will also be available.

Chassis and Dynamics

For this generation, Subaru will use a full-inner-frame construction and expand the use of structural adhesives on the roof panels and braces. In conventional car construction, the upper body and underbody and made separately and then welded together. With this new construction method, a sturdy inner frame is made first, and then the outer panels are welded onto it. This will greatly increase rigidity in suspension connections and refine the Crosstrek’s ride and NVH properties.

Other improvements include:

  • a dual-pinion Electric Power Steering system
    • almost no response lag
    • reduced initial steering resistance
    • linear and smooth transmission of torque (steering input)
  • electric brake booster
    • improves pre-collision braking response
    • helps in all-speed adaptive cruise control operations
  • new seat design
    • a more ergonomic seat design prevents vehicle swaying motions from being transferred to the head
  • new seat mounting structure
    • seat rails are now mounted directly to the body, improving vibration damping and reducing seat sway

The new Crosstrek also runs on a 2.0L e-Boxer mild hybrid with a Lineartronic CVT. These have been improved for better NVH characteristics.

Crosstrek Safety Features

Subaru always put safety front and centre when developing their vehicles. The Crosstrek is no different. It will come with a Digital Multi-View Monitor, which stitches together four camera inputs for a 3D top down view on the main display.

LED lights are now used for high and low beams, position lamps and turn signals. This is also the first Subaru model to include LED cornering lights.

For EyeSight, the new stereo camera unit has double the angle of view. New software allows for even better and further recognition of objects. The camera unit is now mounted to the windshield, preventing any accidental touching of the camera lenses. There is also a new wide angle mono camera which features an even wider angle than the stereo cameras. This camera allows for better bike and pedestrian detection at low speeds.

Should a collision occur, the new Crosstrek has a new bumper beam design that is larger than before. It also features a collision sub-frame to better absorb impacts. This protects people inside the Crosstrek and in the other vehicle better.

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