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Published on September 30th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Hurricane Ian Destroys McLaren P1 Worth USD2.9 Million

Extreme weather hurts even more for expensive luxury supercars

Another day, another weather phenomenon destroys a super expensive luxury supercar, in this case, we have Hurricane Ian leaving behind a devastating amount of water in its wake and causing flood damage to this McLaren P1 which allegedly costs USD2.9 Million. That is beyond painful.


Flood damage hurts car owners enough as many don’t deem it necessary to get their car insured against flooding and even if the owner does have flood damage insurance, it is not a cheap fix and in most cases, is better to get a new car, now imagine how much more it must hurt when your car costs almost 3 Million U.S Dollars.

So what happens now for the unfortunate and no doubt, distraught, owner of this very expensive McLaren? Well I’m going to assume he has flood damage insurance as if he doesn’t, well there wouldn’t be any news for me to write about, now would there? So yes, let’s say he has insurance covered.

Well, his insurance company will now suffer the headache instead and one of two things could happen. The first and more unlikely scenario, the insurance company takes the car back to McLaren to fix, which would take months or even a year or more depending on availability of parts and so on. Not a very feasible option.

The second scenario is that the insurance company either covers the total cost or most of the cost to buy a completely new model of the same McLaren P1 with all the same specs and add-ons or at least as close as possible to the damaged one. This will take way less time and thus is the more probable outcome.


If this is the case then everyone wins except the insurance company as the owner gets a newer car for free or for a fraction of the price, the car manufacturer, McLaren gets to sell more cars and in turn make more revenue but the insurance company forks out a huge sum of cash to honour their commitment to their client.

Any thoughts on this guys? Perhaps you have faced a similar situation in the past and were lucky enough to have had insurance cover the damages or maybe you didn’t deem flooding an imminent enough threat until it hit and you had to bear the repair/new car cost all on your own?


Either way, this should be a good reason to always get the necessary insurance as we never know what may happen in the future. We here at DSF would like to remind everyone to please stay safe on and off the road and always be insured.

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