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Published on November 23rd, 2022 | by Subhash Nair


Mazda Reveals New Framework To Transition To EVs

Mazda updates their management policy to accelerate electrification of their entire portfolio.

The Japanese automotive industry is a little behind on electrification. Toyota only revealed their full plan for electrification a year ago. Now Mazda has detailed their plan as well. They also showed a poorly rendered 3D model of what might be a new electric RX car or MX-5 labelled ‘Vision Study Concept’. We wouldn’t read too much into that.

Mazda Vision Study Model EV

Mazda is a much smaller car company than many of its competitors and thus must work within its own constraints to achieve their EV transition. Mazda’s plan features a three-phase approach through 2030 with electrification at its core. In the first phase, Mazda will use their technology assets to reduce their environmental footprint. In the second phase, Mazda will introduce a new hybrid system and introduce new EVs in China and wherever possible around the globe. In the third phase, Mazda will promote the full-fledged launch of battery EVs and consider investing in battery production themselves.

While they’re not planning to completely transition to electric vehicles, they expect their EV ratio to rise between 25%-40% by 2030. Mazda mentions ‘co-creating with others’, likely meaning with their suppliers but we wouldn’t rule out some rebadged EVs from competing brands.

As for their suppliers, Mazda has already agreed to work with Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, Ondo Corporation, Chuo Kaseihin Co., Inc., Hiroshima Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd., HIROTEC Corporation, Fukuta Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. and ROHM Co., Ltd. These are the companies that will help Mazda create electric drive units, which are the core of any electric vehicle. To this end, Mazda has formed at least three new companies with these suppliers.

Company NameMHHO Electric Drive Co. Ltd.
SummaryDevelopment of highly-efficient production technology for electric drive units that makes maximum use of existing assets; establishment of systems required for the production and supply of electric drive units
Capital10 million yen
Investment ShareOndo 30%, Hiroshima Aluminum Industry 30%, HIROTEC 30%, Mazda 10%
Company NameMazda Imasen Electric Drive Co., Ltd.
SummaryDevelopment of inverters for vehicles and other technology related to electric drive units, development of production technology
Capital5 million yen
Investment ShareImasen Electric Industrial 50%, Mazda 50%
Company Name
MCF Electric Drive Co., Ltd.
SummaryDevelopment of advanced technology for electric vehicle motors
Capital40 million yen
Investment ShareMazda 50%, Fukuta Electric & Machinery 40%, Chuo Kaseihin 10%

While their electric vehicle strategy isn’t extremely aggressive, they’re taking a very holistic approach to sustainability. By 2050, the entire company aims to be carbon neutral. The first step is to make all their factories carbon neutral worldwide by 2035 by way of energy conservation, a shift to renewable energies, and the use of carbon neutral fuels.

Mazda also aims to ensure all new products sold by 2040 are no longer the cause of fatal accidents avoidable with automotive technologies. Watch the full presentation here.

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